Sony MDR V700DJ Headphones

Sony MDR V700DJ Headphones

DJ headphones that perform

I adore these DJ headphones! They're the most fantastic headphones for those who like to spin. The laying of sound is magnificent and once you've tried these you'll easily throw away your old pair. They make the job so much more fun!

Bad? What bad? With all of the great features and the amazing sound you can't go wrong with these DJ headphones.

Love them love them love them! These are the best DJ headphones I've seen so far. The sound is spectacular with clean and clear high tones and deep and rich low ones. You can't go wrong with these headphones.

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DJ Headphones: Just What The Doctor Ordered

The sound is spectacular with clean and clear high tones and deep and rich low ones. You can't go wrong with these. They're the best DJ headphones I've heard so far.

The Sony MDR-V700DJs are high priced headphones that really deliver.  It’s difficult reviewing headphones sometimes, because your expectations tend to diminish over time.  When it comes to headphones, it's often hard to hear tracks as the artist intended them to be heard because headphones generally don’t offer the same level of tonal clarity and mix separation available on regular speakers. I'm very happy to report that the Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones not only exceeded my expectations, but set a new standard in midrange headphone solutions.

The design of these headphones is rugged yet stylish.  You'll have no problems tossing these in your bag when you're traveling from gig to gig.  If they can survive in my overcrowded backpack on a full subway train they can survive anything. The fold-up construction adds to the durability and portability of the headphones.  Headphones can be awkward to travel with and are often prone to breaking in a crowded bag. Neither of these are a concern with the Sony MDR-V700DJ.

There are a few features about the construction of the Sony MDR-V700DJ that particularly appealed to me.  The padded headband was comfortable, not overly cushy.  It provided just the right amount of support.  The 10-foot coiled cord solves the problem of what to do with those extra long headphone cords.  Personally, I'm a fan of the extra long headphone cords, but I understand people's frustration when dealing with all the excess.  By coiling their cord, Sony effectively solves this problem.

Of course, what really matters is the sound reproduction; and I am pleased to say that the Sony MDR-V700DJ’s have some of the most beautiful and accurate sound reproduction qualities that I have ever heard from headphones.  I'm mostly a hip-hop listener, so I fully appreciated the rich and clear bass.  More impressive was the headphones' ability to properly layer all the different sounds without sounding muddy.  The highs punched through right where they should, and the bass provided rich undertones.

No matter how you look at it, if you can afford these DJ headphones, you should definitely buy a pair.  They are priced comparably to other headphones in their class, but provide an audio experience that's far more superior.

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Technical Info:

Type: Over-ear, dynamic
Open ear: No
Diaphragm: 50 mm
Includes .25-inch adapter: Yes
Cord length: 10 feet
Nominal impedance: 24 ohms
Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW
Frequency response: 5 to 30,000 Hz
Batteries: No
Item weight: .66 pounds (without cord)
Warranty: 90 days parts and labor
MSRP: $150