Sony MDR-DS3000 Wireless Headphones

Sony MDR-DS3000 Wireless HeadphonesWatch movies late at night without waking the neighbors!

These headphones provide good sound quality. Compatible with Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic II and DTS surround sound. Quick integration with your home theater system.

There is an annoying hiss during quiet phases. You will have to use analog connectors for DVD audio.

These wireless headphones built by Sony are affordable and comfortable. They work seamlessly along with your home theater system, allowing you to watch movies without disturbing anyone late at night.

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Sony MDR-DS3000 Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones that are great for the movies.

The Sony MDR-DS3000 headphone set uses InfraRed to transmit sound signals from the transmitter to the headphones. This means that you will have to keep the headphones aligned with the transmitter.

The transmitter can be fitted easily to the audio out of any home theater system, which in turn allows you to make use of the awesome surround sound features provided by the headphones; Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro-Logic II and DTS are supported. The transmitter/base can charge the 2 NiMH AA batteries required for the headphones to function, which is an added convenience.

The transmitter can also handle multiple headphones at the same time, which means that you can pair any amount of headphones with it at a time. This is a great feature that allows you to watch movies along with your family.

The headphone cushions fit pretty well and the headphones themselves provide sound of a decent quality.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

•    Transmission Range: 23ft
•    Response Bandwidth: 20Hz – 20000Hz
•    Type: Headphones – Binaural
•    Power: 2x AA NiMH batteries
•    Connectivity technology: Wireless Infra-Red
•    MSRP: $200.00

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