Sennheiser MX500

Sennheiser MX500Plug them in. They play music. Life is good

The buds have crystal clear mids. There is an inline volume slider. The buds themselves do not actually penetrate the ear canal; instead, they nestle in your ears.

The package says “powerful bass response.” That’s most definitely an exaggeration. The bass response is average, at best. It’s clean, just not powerful.

Hands down, the MX500 earbuds deliver pristine sound. They’re very comfortable, non-intrusive and great for the gym or the beach. Since they use a foam surround instead of plastic or rubber, the MX500 will stick with you through sweaty situations (literally).

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Little Earphones, Big World

Hands down, the MX500 earbuds deliver pristine sound. They’re very comfortable, non-intrusive and great for the gym or the beach.

Sadly, my life is a labyrinth of cords.  At the end of my night, my workspace (stage, usually) looks like a giant plate of spaghetti.  When a product I really want has a cord involved in its function, I react like someone dropped an ice cube down my pants.  That is why I am eternally grateful to
Sennheiser, who included a little case that automatically winds up and houses the MX500 earbuds.  It keeps them in a plastic hard-shell case no bigger than the bottom of a soda can.  Love it.

Comfort is paramount when selecting earphones or earbuds.  The MX500 pull ahead by design for two reasons.  First, they do not penetrate your ear, they rest over the hole in your ear.  Right…uh, you know the part you can stick your finger into?  Well that’s where the Sennheiser MX500s hang out.  It’s a lot better than jabbing a squishy thing into your ear canal.

The second design advantage is the material that surrounds the actual earphone.  It resembles a little foam condom.  This comes in handy for sweaty situations, like when working out or sitting on the beach, where the rubber tip earphones are likely to become slimy and slip out.  Fortunately, the MX500’s foam really grips onto the ear.

There is also a disadvantage with the foam surround.  After extended wear, the foam can start to agitate the skin, especially since it’s being pressed against it.  My ears got fatigued and even had a burning sensation after a couple of hours.

The first and most dominant feature of the MX500’s tonal sound is its midrange crispiness.  Everything in the range of around 800Hz and up sounds impeccable.  I wish I could say the same for the bottom end.

Actually, Sennheiser boasts “powerful bass response” on the package.  Maybe it’s a misprint.  Maybe they’re being funny.  Maybe Germany is caught in a perpetual state of Opposite Day.  Either way, the bass could use a push.  The low end is, however, tight and clear.  Take these earbuds to Sade (someone I would never listen to on earbuds) and the bass is tight and intelligible, just not ballsy.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Frequency Response: 18Hz – 22kHz
Impedance: 32 Ohms
SPL: 119dB (1kHz/1Vrms)
Color Option: Metallic Blue or White
Price: +/- $16

See the Amazon page for Sennheiser MX500