Etymotic ER-4p Portable In-Ear Earphones Review

Etymotic ER-4p Portable In-Ear Earphones ReviewA wonder to the live music

The product exceeds in removing the surrounding noise while listening to some audio. The sound quality is as high as you would expect from them. It does not need any batteries. They can be used for any audio device.

The cable which comes with the earphones is not strong.

The Etymotic portable in-ear earphones are great when it comes to sound quality, mixing audios and for decisive listening. The noise reduction is excellent. They are the best earphones for live listening.

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Etymotic ER-4p Portable In-Ear Earphones Review

The best ear response

Starting with what the system includes, the box contains ER-4P earphones, 5 feet cable with 3.5 mm stereo phone plug, adapter plug, 4 ear tips of standard size and 2 of small sizes, 4 foam ear tips and 4 glider ear tips, 4 filters for replacement, shirt clip, pouch and a case.

The earphones are designed in accordance with the ear’s responses. They can be used for plugging into any audio device like CD, DVD, and MP3 etc.

They does not require and external sound amplifier. They are highly sensitive and the bass quality is excellent.

The noise reduction with these earphones naturally occurs as soon as you insert them into the ears. Unlike other earphones, it does not require any batteries.

Eartips included with the product also helps in noise isolation. The external or surrounding noise is lessened to an extent to zero outside noise which also helps in better listening of the audio.

The drawback lies with these earphones is the quality of the cable. The cable isn’t strong enough and breaks too often. The good thing is the cable of ER-4P can be replaced or repaired. The price is high, but makes it good enough to be spent when you check the advantages of these earphones.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Weight: below 1lb.
Noise isolation: 35-42 dB
Response accuracy: 85%
Frequency response: 50-10 kHz (plus minus 2dB); 20-16 kHz (plus minus 4dB)
Maximum output: 122 dB SPL
MSRP: $299

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