Earjax Moxy Earphones Review

Earjax Moxy Earphones ReviewUltra-lightweight earphone with a great sound at a reasonable rate. Earjax also donates a portion of each sale to help children with hearing disabilities.

Sleek design along with a compact style makes Moxy earphones one of the most sought after earphones in the market. The reasonable price of the earphones makes it even more desirable. Soft silicon ear buds are extremely comfortable. These ear phones works with all kinds of iPods, portable DVD, Laptop, PSP, CD as well as MP3 player.

Still trying to find something bad to say about the product.  That should say it all.

The moxy earphones are designed with anodized aluminum encasement which is scientifically positioned for a perfect fit and great sound quality. Convenient cable wraps are also provided along with zipped case. High definition mini-speaker in addition to gold-plated mini plug along with it makes the earphone even more coveted.

Check the Earjax website here for more information on this product.

Earjax Moxy Earphones Review

Superlative sound system

Moxy earphones have a compact size and great sound quality. The sleek design makes the earphones extremely attractive and attention-grabbing. Soft silicon ear makes the earphones very comfortable. The earphones have extra tips. This is a device which is gold-plated 3.5 mm audio jack for a no-loss sound connection to the audio system.

Some users have stated that silicon ear bud makes provides them a comfort. This implies that when the device is used, it sticks to the ears firmly. The sleek design entices many consumers who get drawn towards this handy and stylish design. The device includes black zippered hard case. Bonus earjax decals and convenient cable wraps include the accessories which makes it exclusive.

The frequency response of moxy earphone is 20 Hz – 25 hz. The magnet type used is Neodymium. With a power handling capacity of around 3 mw and woven cloth braid of cable type, this device seem promising. The customers are in love with its impedance of 16 ohm and the in-ear design of the earphones which makes this gadget extremely user-friendly.

Buying a moxy earphone would prove to be highly advantageous to you because you can use this device with mp3 player, portable DVD, ipod, laptop, MD as well as PSP. The device is extremely handy and hence moving around with the earphone will not pose any problem for you. The cable length of 49 inches allows the consumers to comfortably listen to music without worrying about the cable getting stuck anywhere.

Moxy has two different versions.  One with a mic and one with out.  We reviewed the one with out the mic.  I can not tell you if the mic works on any phones.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Earjax Website Here.

Technical Info:

•    Design: Earbud
•    Speaker Diameter: 10mm
•    Speaker Type: HD mini speaker
•    Power Handling: 3 MW
•    Frequency Response: 20 Hertz – 25k Hertz
•    Sensitivity: 105 dB 1mW
•    Magnet : Neodymium
•    Cable : 49 inches
•    Impedance: 16 OHM
•    Plug : Gold-plated mini plug
•    Type of cable: Woven cloth braid
•    MSRP: 79.95 for regular 84.95 for Inline Mic

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