Earjax Lyrics Earphone Review

Earjax Lyrics Earphone ReviewFor every earphone sold Earjax donates a part of the proceeds to helping children with hearing disabilities.

Everything.  It's rare I run into a headphone or earphone set that I just really like.  These are the ones I will be using for a while for personal use.   Comes with zippered hard case, 36" extension cable, small medium and large transparent tips as well as another set that is black.  I should also mention the life time warranty.

None that I can find so far.  This is the earphone set I have personally been using since I first got my hands on them.

With great sound quality, compact carrying case, 3 ft extension cable and the comfortable ear tips, this is an item that everyone will love.  While the end price is high compared to many main stream brands, it's worth every penny.

Check the Earjax website here for more information on this product.

Earjax Lyrics Earphone Review

Life becomes a song with Lyrics earphone

When you first get the Earjax Lyrics earphones you will notice they are in a nice well packaged box that presents the earphones in a superior way over other earphones. A nice box does not always mean a sweet  earphone set is inside but in this case you get exactly what you are expecting.

We already covered all the items you get with these in ear headphones.  However we should mention that they are really comfortable in ear pieces and even after a few hours of listening they have not hurt my sensative ears.  My ears hurt even with slight gusts of winds and in cold weather.  It's rare that I find a in ear headphone like the Earjax Lyrics that don't hurt my ears after a prolonged period of time.  Your audio time with Lyrics will be a pleasurable time.

Many in-ear headphones leak sound and disturb those around you.  The Lyrics does not.  Even held a foot away from me with high volume I can barley hear them make a sound.  When placed in ones ears you will not be disturbing the person next to you.  This is great for those who listen to mp3 players in bed or on transportation systems.

With Christmas 2010 around the corner this item is going to be our top pick and must have product for anyone looking at getting  in ear headphones.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Earjax Website Here.

Technical Info:

•    Design: earbud, in-ear
•    Speaker type: high definition mini speaker
•    Power handling: 3mW
•    Impedance: 24ohm
•    Speaker diameter: 13mm
•    Sensitivity: 105 dB 1mW
•    Magnet type: neodymium
•    Frequency response: 15Hz. – 25,000 Hz
•    Cable type: woven cloth braid
•    Cable length: 49 inches, 36” extension cable
•    Plug type: gold-plated mini plug
MSRP: $119.95

See the Earjax website for Earjax Lyrics Earphone Review