AKG K 290 NC Review

AKG K 290 NC HeadphonesGreat headphones with brilliant surround sounds

Excellent sound quality is the most mentionable feature of AKG K 290 NC. This headphone is embedded with high quality sound system with a multi-speaker surround system. Clarity of sound is really good and this headphone is able to catch up with different ranges of transmission. The AKG K 290 NC series are good for both high and low ranges. Even the mid ranges of the audio are fine enough. The ear buds of this headphone are comfortable and fit for longer use.

This headphone carries a retro look with it. Weight of the AKG K 290 NC headphones is also not light enough when compared to the prevailing models available now. Some users complain that the high bass become a little muddy at times. The headphone is not easy portable for its weight.

Price for an AKG K 290 NC product starts from $185.00.

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AKG K 290 NC headphones Review

Great headphones for indoor audio experience

AKG K 290 NC headphones are especially made for the professionals. One drawback of this popular set of model is the dearth of portability. People now stress more on the light weight portable models. And you can probably be acquainted with those light portable brands too. Competing with those stylish thinner headphone models has become a little costlier for the AKG K 290 NC series headphone.

The 2-channels mode of AKG K 290 NC headphones are used mostly by the listeners. The catch in these both channels are good. You can listen to music long without any nagging effect into your ears with this device. But yes, you can rarely step outside with this headphone. The reason is simple. First, they look 1980’s style of headphones and secondly, the noise cancelling mode does not operate effectively.

However, AKG K 290 NC headphones consist of non-fatiguing sound with a high quality bass.  This is good for an audio experience for indoor sides. Although the sets enable Dolby surround sound recording, they are not as satisfying as they ought to be.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Product name: AKG K 290 NC
Type: headphone and speaker
Impedance: 150 ohm
Cable: 6 meter
Weight: 270gm (ex cable)
Shipping weight: 400 gm

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