Unisar Sounds TV Listener Review

Unisar Sounds TV Listener ReviewListen without disturbing others!

Uses infrared technology, for wireless reception without interference that radio waves are prone to
Lightweight and comfortable cushioned pads allow for comfortable use in extended periods of time
No interference from other technology such as cordless phones or microwaves
Has a range of up to 33ft. from the transmitter to the headset
Hooks directly to your television for easy setup and use
Comes packaged with adaptors for extended use with other devices
Works with several different headsets for multiple use at the same time

Some users have reported issues such as sound only coming into one earphone.
TV must have the proper sound output jacks for proper use.
If TV does not have the proper jacks for sound output then the optional microphone must be used near the TV speaker on low volume, and users have reported that this option can be noisy as the microphone picks up many different sounds.

While this set of wireless headphones provide an excellent way for the hard of hearing to be able to listen to television comfortably, they do not offer as many high tech features as a younger audience may desire. Therefore it is given a rating of 4

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Unisar Sounds TV Listener Review

Wireless sound for your private pleasure

With Unisar Sounds TV Listener you can boost your TV experience to the maximum level while not disturbing other viewers. These wireless infrared headphones are designed with the hard of hearing in mind, giving them the ability to hear the television or radio at a high volume for their impaired hearing while others are able to enjoy the very same thing at their own level of volume. Not only that, but they come in quite handy for those night owls who have trouble falling asleep as early as most. For example, if your wife had fallen asleep much earlier then you, you can use these headphones to watch a bit of television without disturbing her. This of course allows both people to enjoy their respective actions with no impact on either or. Unisar Sounds TV listener is a handy companion for many different people, so why not give them a try?

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Over the Head Sound Mode
Stereo Plug Type 3.5 mm
Wireless Features Battery Life of nearly 50 Hours Max
Transmit Range 35 ft. / 10 m
Volume Control
Plug and Play to nearly any television set
Stereo Sound
MSRP 49.99

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