Sennheiser MM450 Review

Sennheiser MM450 ReviewSennheiser MM 450 – amazing device for all travelers!

The Sennheiser MM 450 Travel are light weighted, which makes them a must have accessory for those who travel a lot, especially by airplane. The device is very adjustable, as it fits users’ head shapes and sizes, thus being comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Only 90% of the background sound isolation, which is good, but could get improved for the money this headset costs. The design also lacks originality and creativity, but this aspect can be ignored easily by users that are not interested in it.

The Sennheiser MM 450 headphones are among the most popular such products that people can use when traveling. Being compatible with a wide range of devices and working wireless, the only minus the headset seems to have refers to its cost, as it is quite expensive.

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Sennheiser MM 450 Headsets

A great choice when searching for quality Bluetooth headsets!

The Sennheiser MM 450 headphones use recent technology, as they include the NoiseGard active noise isolation feature and Bluetooth 2.1 wireless technology. Also, the TalkThrough feature allows using an external microphone besides the invisible microphone already incorporated on the headset.

The product is not great for travelers only because it uses wireless technology and is light weighted, but also because it is extremely comfortable. More than that, the controllers are simple to access, everything being highly intuitive and visible.

The Sennheiser MM 450 headphones include an airline adapter for use during travels. The recharge is done with the help of an USB port and the headphones are compatible with the latest portable devices.

Next to a general strong structure, the metal reinforced head band makes Sennheiser MM 450 a very durable product.

Technical Info:

Cord: None (Infrared)
Headphone Type: Open-air, Dynamic
Phono Input(s): 1 (Stereo L/R phono plugs)
Power Requirements: AC 120V, 60Hz when used with supplied AC power adaptor, which connects to the DC 9V jack
Recharging Time: 24 hours (Approx.)
Driver Unit: 30mm
Effective Range: 24 ft (7m); 10 ft (3m) at ±45°
Frequency Response: 18Hz – 22,000Hz
Infrared Carrier Frequencies: Right 2.8MHz, Left 2.3MHz; (Frequency modulation)
VolDesign: Over-the-head, Home-music/movie/games
Diaphragm: PET
Headband: Wide, Self-adjusting
Magnet: Ferrite
Plug: UniMatch® Adapter
Power On/Off: Yes (Automatic On/Off switch)
Type of Use: Home
UME Control: Rotary control
MSRP 59.99$

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