Sennheiser HDR 130 Headphones

Sennheiser HDR 130 HeadphonesGood quality headphones that cut out external noise

Throughout the ranges of sound, this headphone set will provide good quality. The headphones fit tightly to your head, therefore there is no risk of them falling off. The headphone contains in-line volume controls. Thanks to radio connectivity, these headphones offer more mobility to the user.

The volume control tends to become a bit scratchy after a while. The fit of the headphones can be a bit too tight for the preferences of some users.

Sennheiser has come up with these low-budget wireless headphones for ordinary users who simply want good sound quality but aren't too picky. The open-backed design of these headphones provide a nice and soothing effect on the ears. In-line volume controls give the users added convenience.

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Sennheiser HDR 130 Headphones

A bit tight, but definitely worth it

The Sennheiser HDR130 headphones are truly an innovation in headphone technology that caters to consumers who want a headphone set that won't cost them the mortgage. These headphones are geared towards providing high-quality audio despite being provided at a highly affordable price.

The heavily-padded headband and ear cups of the Sennheiser HDR 130 help users to stay comfortable as they listen to their audio with the headphones on for hours on end. What's more, the open-backed design of the Sennheiser HDR 130 means that there is an added degree of comfort as your ears will not be boiled within the confines of annoying closed-back designs. However, some users find that the headband of the Sennheiser HDR130 can fit a bit too tight on their heads for their liking.

The Sennheiser HDR130 is equipped with in-line volume controls to complement its wireless nature. The wireless radio transmitter that is provided along with the headphones can be plugged into your audio playback device.

Thanks to the open-backed design of the Sennheiser HDR 130, you are given an audio listening experience akin to that of listening to live speakers. This makes it a great choice if you're looking for high-quality headphones that can be bought for a reasonable price.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

·    Type: Headphones – Binaural
·    Connectivity Technology: Wireless Radio
·    Sound Output Mode: Stereo
·    Response Bandwidth: -20982Hz
·    MSRP: $105.00

See the Amazon website for Sennheiser HDR 130 Headphones

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