Sony MDR-NC500D

Sony mdr-NC500DThe magic of noise free audio experience

The latest Sony mdr-NC500D offers full clarity audio experience. A superior noise cancellation capacity is the best trait of this headphone. This set is supposed to be the world’s first fully digital headphones embedded with a number of additional super features. Sony mdr-NC500D is comfortable to use for long time with noise adjusting modes.

People generally look for the smaller portable models in this era. Sony mdr-NC500D is comparatively large and a little difficult to carry for prolonged time. Another drawback this high end model is the absence of the facility to turn off noise cancellation.

People who have to stay long time outside and midst of noise, can best afford a Sony mdr-NC500D. You can adjust the noise cancellation modes according to your requirement. You can select between 3 different environments by means of this noise cancellation modes. This is the USP of this product. The 3.5 mm jack is another feature. Plus, you get a smart carry case with the headphone set.

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Sony mdr-NC500D Review

Sony mdr-NC500D- The world’s first digital noise cancellation headphone

Sony mdr-NC500D arrived at the market after great expectations from the tech savvy people all around. This headphone is equipped with numbers of innovative traits and facilities superseding the prior and existing models in the market.

First, Sony mdr-NC500D proclaims to be the first fully digital headphone carrying the capacity of noise cancellation. This noise cancellation is a nice facility for the users who like to listen to music in public or crowded areas. The artificial intelligence noise cancelling modes is the USP of this product. This facility offers you selecting from a range of three preset environments. However, you do not get isolated from the world around as the monitor switch enables you keeping in touch with the noise around.

Sound clarity is another feature for which Sony is well liked by the audience over the years. Sony mdr-NC500D also maintains the super phonic tradition with a satisfying clarity of listening experience. The digital EQ technology is in built the headphone for clatter-free sound and wide frequency response.

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Technical Info:

Product Name: Sony MDR-NC500D
Dimensions: 10X4X12 inches
Shipping weight: 3 pounds
Headphones type: Headphones-Binaural
Design: Ear-Cup
Sound output mode: Stereo
Active noise cancelling: Ye
Response Bandwidth: 5-24000Hz
Sensitivity: 102 dB/mW
Impedance: 40 Ohm
Magnet material: Neodymium
Price for this product starts at $238.86

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