Sony MDR-NC40 Review

Sony MDR-NC40A little more magic of noise cancellation

Sony mdr-nc40 is the fifth model from the house of Sony offering the latest sound capturing facilities. It is better known to people as noise cancellation facilities. The benefit is you can listen to music in noisy streets as well. It is a light weight version of the Sony headphones. Battery life is up to 40 hrs, which is really impressive.

Most of the reviews for Sony mdr-nc40 tell you the same thing. It does not meet up expectation of the Sony followers. Although this is the fifth model of headphones launched by the electronic leaders of the world, this model is not much updated from the older versions of the same. Even, reports of sound licks and haze have been received from the users. The product is not worth of its price.


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Sony MDR-NC40: The noise cancellation headphone review

Light weight advantage mingled with noise cancellation technology

I have to start with a negative remark on Sony MDR-NC40. The noise cancellation trait, which is the USP of the Sony earphone models, is less effective from the previous models of the Sony headphones. Consumers really expected more from this updated model. One sure shot advantage and step up is the increment of portability of the gadget. This model is much portable when compared to the previous versions of noise cancellation headphones.

Getting back to the original trait of Sony mdr-nc40, you can expect to lock up to 80% sound while the gadget is on. However, it may be sufficient when you try to listen to music in a noise ambience.  Sound quality is not the best Sony has offered till now. But yes, the portability factor is obviously more enhanced than before.

Sony mdr-nc40 noise cancelling headphones come in attractive carry cases. These gadgets have smart folding designs that make it even more portable. The pressure relieving ear cushion is great to provide you with the optimum listening comfort.

A shortage of feature of Sony mdr-nc40 may be that the sound clarity is not good when the noise cancelling mode is switched off. Thus, it is difficult to play on with the device when this feature is switched off.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Type: Supra-aural
Product dimensions: 10.8 x 7 x 4.5 inches
Sealing: Open
Noise Cancelling: Yes
Maximum SPL: 102 dB
Impedance: 68 ohms
Weight: 2.82 oz
The price for this product is $60 – $65, depending on the dealer you buy from.

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