Sony MDR-EX300LP Review

Sony MDR-EX300LPThe new look light weight headphones

These new style headphones are real portable. They are quite light weight and appear to be much attractive as well.  This headphone has a unique feature naming “vertical in the ear” having a large driver for higher quality audio.

This high-end Sony MDR-EX300LP has also some limitations. The headphone may not appear to be perfect for the bass-addict music lovers. Besides, the model offers only 3 sizes of ear tips that may not fit into all ears. The soft case of the ear phones is also delicate to handle.  These headphones are also not much good for long usage.

Price range for this product is $49.27 – $67.02.


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Sony MDR-EX300LP the light model review

Cool designs for funky music lovers

We need the headphones constantly at various occasions these days. And we prefer the light weight headphones mostly as we can carry them everywhere. Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones are exactly the same models that the generation look for today.  This headphone is best use for chamber music, symphonic, vocal music, jazz and American songbook.

The Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones are the right choice when you are travelling and listening to music. These light weight headphones look attractive and come in two different colors.

Cords of Sony MDR-EX300LP are other special features of these headphones.

The unique earbuds consist of removable hybrid silicone rubber tips. These rubber tips come in three different sizes and provide you with high quality audio experience.  A rigid internal silicone is built in this headphone to prevent sound leakage successfully.

The Sony MDR-EX300LP is the price EX-series headphones that come at reasonable prices without compromising high sound quality. Andy Bubala, director of marketing for audio accessory products at Sony Electronics comments,”  We are constantly expanding our lineup of premium headphones……….earbud headphones continue to grow in popularity , as our customers are demanding better fashion and style, in addition to audio quality.”

Many of the users leave warm comments on the sound quality and the comfortable listening experience with these Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones. However, many of them is also of the opinion that device loses clarity at low dB. The low mids also get somewhat muddy with this headphone.

The Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones are mostly use and throw sets. You can use them mostly for three to six months if used extensively.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Product name: Sony MDR-EX300LP
Integrated microphone: no
Cord length: 49 inches
Plug type: mini (1/8”)
Integrated volume control: no
Weight: 0.5 oz.

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See More Images and Product Detail on This Product Page

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