Sennheiser HD 515 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 515  HeadphonesA great headphone for audiophiles

Rich sound which accentuates sound effects can be gained while using these headphones. The headphones are designed for extreme comfort, which allows you to wear it for hours on end.

These headphones don't work too well with mp3 players. Since they are quite bulky, they are not the best choice to use while on the move.

These headphones are designed to provide great comfort and even greater sound quality. The closed-back ear cups provide noise-isolation, which means that it will cancel out ambient noise. Sound effects on movies sound absolutely stupendous on these headphones, giving you a totally realistic experience.

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Sennheiser HD 515

Professional headphones for audiophiles to drool over

Adding to Sennheiser's range of high-defintion headphones, the Sennheiser HD 515 goes for the kill with both great sound quality and awesome wearing comfort. Sennheiser have spared absolutely nothing to develop the Sennheiser HD 515 as the ultimate headphone set for great sound quality and comfort.

The Sennheiser HD 515 is a massive headphone set, with huge ear cups that completely cover your ears. The headband is heavily padded, as are the ear cups of the headphones themselves. Thanks to the ability of the ear cups to completely cover the ears of the user, you are assured of a degree of noise-cancellation from the Sennheiser HD 515. This type of noise-cancellation is quite easier to manage than professional noise-canceling headphones, as you do not have to use extra batteries or flip switches to achieve isolation from ambient noise from the environment.

Thanks to the padded design of the Sennheiser HD 515, you can practically wear it for hours on end without feeling uncomfortable at all. Although these headphones are quite bulky, they extremely light, weighing only 9 ounces which means it won't be a burden to wear a pair of these. Sound quality on the Sennheiser HD 515 headphone is a revelation, with sound effects from movies sounding extremely realistic, and all the sound ranges from music being delivered with absolute clarity and precision.

It is worth considering adding the Sennheiser HD 515 to your collection of audio equipment, based on the factors of great comfort and great sound quality alone.

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Technical Info:

Type: Headphones – Binaural
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Response Bandwidth: 14 – 26000Hz
Sensitivity: 104dB
Impedance: 120Ohm
MSRP: $109.00

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