Bose TriPort Around-Ear Headphones

Bose TriPort Around-Ear Headphones

Fairly comfortable and easy to wear for hours. Fairly musical sounding, especially with dance and hip-hop tracks. Fairly coherent across the frequency spectrum making them far less tiring to listen to. 30-day money back guarantee.

Not as dynamic sounding as other headphones available at the same price. Can be less than inspiring with certain types of music. Build quality is only above average considering the cost.

An above average sounding pair of around-the-ear headphones that do justice to certain recordings, but fail to inspire with others. One could probably do better at this price point with models from Grado, Sennheiser, AKG, and Audio-Technica.

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Bose TriPort Around-Ear Headphones: Get Your Freaky On!!

Dynamic sounding cans that make you groove. Bose? Who would have thought it possible.

I have never been a headphone snob.

I do not think I even realized that people spent a lot of money on headphones.  That they did not steal them off airplanes or grab whatever pair was lying around the bottom of the junk drawer as I did. So it was with hesitation that I took on this assignment. I know a significant amount about music, but I never stopped to contemplate the issue of sound.  No more than acknowledging a murky recording or recognizing that the song was flowing unevenly through the wires. I was dissatisfied…just didn't do anything about it.

Then a pair of Bose headphones landed on my desk.  I plugged them into my iPod and clicked on Delirium's "Truly."  It sounded great, like I was dancing at Pascha while the song was in movement around me.

Switched to the iPod headphones.  Instant disappointment.

I was intrigued.  Started listening to some of my other favorite dance recordings with the Bose. I was hearing old songs in a very new way. The vocals were chilling, the bass thumping. I Got up and started dancing. Hardly heard the phone as it rang off the hook.

I contacted a friend in the audio business. I needed some more information, a push in the right direction as to how one writes a comprehensive review. After speaking to him and brushing up on some of the lingo, I attacked the project with a newfound vigor.

I put on Garbage’s "Metal Heart" from their Bleed Like Me album with the Bose headphones. Opening cymbals were hypnotic, but Shirley Manson's voice did not sound as ferocious as it should have. The effect was not as impressive as I had anticipated.  I switched over to the iPod headphones. Butch Vig's guitar solo is sharper and the overall sound is not as flat. Only the background vocals and echoing effect are supremely better on the Bose.

Akon's "Locked Up" sounds fierce on Bose. I am surprised to discover that it is not so different with the iPod's, except that the beats sound better with the Bose's insulation.

The Bose’s top end on Justin Timberlake's "My Love" is far superior. With his high pitch, it is almost offensive on the iPod headphones. The sound is much smoother to me the first time around.

Robyn Thicke, has similar vocal abilities as JT, made clear on his collaboration with Lil' Wayne on "Shooter." With the pounding beat and switch-off between rap and vocal verses, the overall feel is much more grooving on the Bose.

Somehow with Akon and Garbage, this is not the case, which is a let down because those are two of my favorite songs, which is my feeling somewhat when I switch over to the next recording.

Lenny Kravitz's "Minister of Rock and Roll" is a fierce sounding recording.

The only viable difference I find between the two headphones is that at the same volume, the Bose create a pleasant, vibrating effect, while the Apple earbuds are far too loud. They scream at you, rather than engage you.

The Bose's superiority was the most apparent when I listened to that first dance recording by Delirium. I am willing to venture that for rock and pop music, the iPod headphones are more than adequate, and it is only on more complex dance recordings where the shrill vocals tend to be something that the Bose are better at taming. Would this be reason enough to purchase a pair?  Sure, if you are into that kind of music exclusively.  Otherwise, they might not be worth the extra money or room they take up.

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Technical Info

Brand: Bose
Model: TriPort Around-Ear
Price: $139.95

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