Audio Technica M50 Review

Audio Technica M50 ReviewSound quality, great comfort and ease

Audio Technica M50 has a unique sound quality and gives off great comfort to the user.

Poor design.

Audio Technica M50 is good for studio use as it can be good for both music and voice

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Audio Technica M50 Review

Great Unique Product

Nowadays, a pair of head phones is a necessity especially when you live in a closed-in residence or when you live in an apartment complex and volume is an issue. With that, you need a high quality pair of head phones. You need a pair that gives you the best quality as well as enables you to meet your audio needs. One of the recommended studio head phones is Audio Technica M50. This pair usually carries a $149.99 price tag.

It has a strong set of cables and everything is well-created. Its design is fabricated with the intention of making these pair last for a long time. It is also easy to fold especially when you are on travel making it very much comfortable to wear anywhere you want. In fact, MP3 players and portable DVD players do not have any problem using these head phones. Audio Technica M50 is highly recommended especially when your criteria in looking for head phones are good isolation and clarity. They are a little louder. Another thing is that the closed design of Audio Technica M50 shuts out the noise coming from the outside hence allowing you to listen to the audio very well.

Audio Technica M50 is good for home entertainment use giving you a crisp clear sound. Many professional studio people use this pair for monitoring and mixing. With its collapsible design, it offers a space-saving portability and storage as well. Its adjustable headband is well padded for more comfort of the user during mixing sessions that would last for a long period of time. They also really fit well to the users' head making it very much comfortable to use.

Many professionals prefer Audio Technica M50 saying that the pair is one of the best if not the best of this class. They use these over other brands for its amazing sound quality, semi noise cancellation, and very nice seal cups. It gives an output that is clean and crisp. It is also guaranteed, as attested by many users, that Audio Technica M50 gives no distortion when you turn the volume. Having this feature, this head phones is really good for people who are musically inclined particularly those who uses Audio Technica M50 in their sources of living and entertainment.

Moreover, it has a 45MM large-aperture drivers which is build with neodymium magnet systems as well as a single-sided coiled cable terminates to gold-plated mini plug with screw-on 1/4" adapter. One better thing about Audio Technica M50 is that it comes with a carrying bag making it easy for you to bring it around and use it whenever you want to. Some find the price of a pair of Audio Technica M50 beyond the range of the ordinary buyer. But people, who consider themselves hard core, says it is a steal for a $150-200 price as, for them, it is an entry level purchase.

Technical Info:

Connectivity: Cable 

Usage: Professional 

Compatibility: Personal Audio 

Design: Over the Head 

Sound Mode: Stereo

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