Sony MDR NC500D Headphones Review

World's first digital noise canceling headphones

The Sony MDR NC500D is a trendsetter, since it is the first head phone to provide users with the Noise Cancellation in a digital manner.

This device is unable to offer a user the playback option


These headphones can cancel up to 99% of background noise. While they do have to have battery power, they are still a wonderful product.

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Sony MDR NC500D Headphones Review

A review of the Sony MDR NC500D headphones will show that you can easily adjust the Noise Cancellation feature in a manual way, or even let the process occur the automatic way. The manufacturers have already preset the head phones to cater for three main environments.

The device caters for the airplane, bus and office environment and the choice is easily made by the user. All of the environmental options have settings that have been designed in a tailor made way to fit with each specific condition. Once the specific option has been chosen, the frequencies are adjusted in order to fit the place effectively. The head phones have the ability of reducing noise levels by approximately 99%.

Even though the head phones have good sound quality properties, they also have some cons that are associated with it. The most notable one is that this device is unable to offer a user the playback option. In addition to this, the device is also unable to play music in a passive mode. These headphones cannot be used as other normal head phones when the battery power runs out. This is due to the fact that the Noise Cancellation feature is only available when the device is on hence when it is off sound clarity is compromised.

Technical Info:

MSRP: $399.00, but you can usually find them for around $250.

World's first digital noise canceling headphones
Artificial Intelligence noise canceling
Automatic selection between 3 different environments
Digital EQ – accurate sound & wide frequency response
Monitor switch to let surrounding sounds be heard

Where to Purchase:

See the Amazon website for Sony MDR NC500D Headphones here


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