Grado SR60i Review

Grado SR60iGreat value for your price

Grado SR60i headphones can be your favorite for a number of reasons.  Not for its down to earth price but at the same time, its funky style may impress you the best. People just love these headphones for their reasonable price and multi-function facilities. This headphone set can be used for multiple purposes. Thus, real value for the price you pay for this headphone.

Well, some drawbacks of the Grado SR60i headphone sets might disappoint you as well. First, these headphones are not befitting when you are outside. Next, the thick cable and the open design of this headphone set may create obstacles sometimes.

Grado SR60i is priced at $79.00.

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Grado SR60i cheapest headphone review

Latest headphone of style and simplicity

The latest Grado SR60i series headphones are combination of great style and audio comfort. They can be easily won by you for their handsome price and popular availability at all the leading stores. This headphone, despite of its low price covers up most of the latest audio features and satisfy the listeners with the optimum sound clarity.

Do you want to attach a headphone with the media players? Grado SR60i series are the best suited headphones for this purpose. They can be used simply with the basic sources or amplification like those of portable media players.

The Grado SR60i series provide you with a great balance of sound transmission. While the high bass are caught rightfully, the mid ranges are equally melodious. The headphone offers excellent sound clarity and noise free listening capacity.

This Grado SR60i headphone although looks heavier, they are quite light weight when compared to most of the headphones available recently all around. The gadget is simple to use and fit for all ears.

One major drawback of the Grado SR60i headphone is that you have to leave this gadget just when you step outside. They do not consist of noise cancelling modes befitting for outside audio listening. This absent feature takes it back to the retro ages of the headphones. Thus, you ought to arrange for a separate headphone for outside use.

Another loop hole of the Grado SR60i headphones is that they can be sibilant when they are driven poorly. The ear pads become somewhat uncomfortable after prolonged use.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Product name: Grado SR60i
Product type: dynamic open air headphones
Driver matching: within ‡0.1dB
Frequency range: 20Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 98dB SPL for 1mV input
Nominal impedance: 32 ohms
Price: $79/pair. Large Grado ear pads: $15-$20.
Driver matched db: 1

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See More Images and Product Detail on This Product Page

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