Sony MDR-ED21LP Review

Sony MDR-ED21LP4 Stars to Sony MDR-ED21LP

Great sound quality. The most interesting fact about Sony MDR-ED21LP is that Sony has provided a case with it which intends to protect these earphones.  Also, it has the apt kind of powerful bass punch.

The L- shaped ear plug is not appropriate as it doesn’t f  it the ear properly. Though the price tag is eye-catching, but the build material of this good looking ear phone is not something to be appreciated.
Price range for this product I s $11.71 – $13.71

If you want to use the best headphones so far with the best features then Sony has something to offer you and it’s his new L- shaped head phone MDR-ED21LP. With its clear-quality sound, it’s the rubber cover case which promises to give a comfortable touch to your valuable ear.

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Summary of Sony MDR-ED21LP

The Sony MDR-ED21LP comes with its special bass booster which promises to give a strong bass as well as wide frequency sound. This is a head phone which you should definitely opt for if you have an ipod or a phone.

With this Sony MDR-ED21LP, it is a complete assurance of accuracy, ambience, and clarity of sound and dynamics of the audio produced by these headphones. Another good thing about these earphones is that they are specifically designed in a way to cover the complete ear, unlike the other head phones. On ear models are responsible to set on the top of the ears. Insert models of Sony MDR-ED21LP are there to be inserted into the ear canal. The Earbud model rests outside the ear canal but still have a portion that can be seen in the ear canal.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Sensitivity: 108.0
Frequency Response: 8 Hz –23,000 Hz
Impedence: 16.0 ohms
Driver Unit: 16.0 mm
Weight: 5.0
Length of Cord: 3.0m
Magnet:  300 kj/m3 Neodymium

The Sony MDR-ED21LP is the perfect or rather say the best option among all the headphones in the market. People are appreciating this product and also planning to purchase the second pair. Finally, this product I recommended to all who want to buy an in-ear headphone. They are just awesome with their powerful bass and clear sound. Super Head phones from Sony. Check out the model!

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See More Images and Product Detail on This Product Page

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