Monster Turbine Headphones Review

Monster Turbine Headphones ReviewSounds Like Large Speakers

The Monster Turbine earphones provide brilliant and exceptional quality of sound and bass. They are made of metal which makes them strong and less vulnerable to breaking. Moreover it comes with a nice storage box.

This device is heavy and you require a lot of patience in order to fix them properly in the ear. Another major negative factor of this device is that they do not survive for long.

The Monster Turbine in-ear headphones are good looking and attractive, offer good sound quality and that is why they are a little more expensive as compared to other Monster’s earphones available for the customers.

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Monster Turbine Headphones Review

Quality In-ear headphones

The Monster Turbine earphones provide superior quality of sound and bass as compared to different other Monster’s models but still they are quite expensive as well. Their main strength lies in their metallic structure which enables them to be tough and unbreakable. However some people have complained that this device is not long lasting and stops functioning in about a month or so because of technical problems. Moreover they have never been able to solve this problem as their customer service department is not impressive enough to help the customers out.

One can purchase the Monster Turbine device at price ranging from $130 to $149. This price is very high when it comes to earphones but still people buy this device because of its luxurious appearance and feel which makes them think that they have actually acquired something special. Online purchasing is probably the best option where you can buy these earphones at a reduced rate.

With this device you are also provided with a safety case and 5 different pairs of ear tips in order to suit the needs of the customers. Still people have complained that the weight of the Monster Turbine earphones is too heavy and this actually makes it uncomfortable for them to fit the headphones in the ears.

All in all, these earphones are okay. Although they provide brilliant sound quality but you can find good sound quality earphones easily in the market at a very cheaper rate.

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Technical Info:

Driver Type – Dynamic
Natural Sound Reproduction – Magnetic FluxTube Technology
Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sound Output Mode – Stereo
Connectivity Technology – Wired
Sensitivity – 97 dB SPL per 1 mW
Impedance: 18 ohms
MSRP: $149.00

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