Monster Jamz Headphones Review

Monster Jamz HeadphonesChrome Design Headphones

The Monster Jamz Headphones are stylish earphones with a really attractive design. Another plus point of these head phones is that their cable is strong as compared to many other earphones accessible in the market.

The Monster Jamz In-Ear Headphones do not easily fit into the ears of the users. Moreover majority of the users have complained about the quality of its sound being not very good.

The Monster Jamz device does not provide value for money. The main reason behind this is the sound quality. One can easily acquire headphones with good quality of sound at a price ranging from 40 to 50 US Dollars. Spending more than $100 for this device is a complete waste of money.

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Monster Jamz Headphones Review

Quality Bass Earphones

The Monster Jamz earphones are made of metallic substance and that is why they are not as light as majority of devices that are made of plastic. This metallic finish actually makes them look decorative. On the other hand because of its heavy weight, it is not easy to fix them inside your ears perfectly. Although they provide you with multiple ear tips but still this problem is not solved. You obtain a soft pouch with the device to keep the headphones safe when not utilizing.

When you are spending around $100 for earphones, you obviously expect the device to provide you quality sound at least. However this is not the case with the Monster Jamz device as its sound quality is below average. The main plus point of this device relating to hearing is the quality of bass which is better than big headphones. Still the distortions in sound when you turn the volume high are really annoying for the user. Moreover the more you try to adjust the equalizer, the worse the quality of sound gets.

Good looks is one of the main factors why people tend to purchase the Monster Jamz In-ear headphones but obviously the main function of earphones is to provide good quality sound and if that is not there even after spending a considerable amount of cash then you only get frustrated and dissatisfied.

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Technical Info:

Driver Type – Dynamic
Frequency Range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Sound Output Mode – Stereo
Ear Coupler Type – In-ear Monitor
Impedance: 16 ohms
MSRP: $117.00

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