Skullcandy SC-SBW3.5 Smokin Bud

Skullcandy SC-SBW3.5 Smokin Bud

Noise eliminating earbuds with a neat design & great sound

Very affordable earbuds with a great design, great color options, and impressive sound.

Barely any. Some say the earbuds fall out from time to time, but this is a rare occurrence.

These earbuds are a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they provide a sleek, interesting design, they’re affordable and produce clear, wonderful sound, as well.

Skullcandy Smokin' Bud

These earbuds are a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they provide a sleek, interesting design, they’re affordable and produce clear, wonderful sound, as well.

Smokin' Buds – an interesting name for these little guys, but it suites them well nevertheless.  These Skullcandy earbuds come in different designs and colors.  The pair I have are black and gray, but you may also purchase different versions, such as all black, black/beige (called Brown, for whatever reason), white on white, red/yellow/green (Rasta), or pink/beige.  These trendy earbuds aren’t just fun to have, they attract plenty of attention, as well.  You’ll notice your friends will stop to ask you about them, especially if you’re sporting the unconventional Rasta pair.

Smokin' Buds feature exclusive noise eliminating sleeves to block out external sounds so you and your favorite tunes can share more personal, one-on-one time.  Of course, this depends on the volume you’ve got these puppies set on, also.  When I’ve got ‘em set down low, obviously I can hear what’s going on around me.  However, even when I’ve set the volume within an average range, I have trouble hearing people who’ve been repeating my name for the past 30 seconds (maybe it’s also a subconscious thing… who knows).  When I turn them up a little higher, I can barely hear the outside world.  Yes!  Some alone time for Mr. Bon Jovi and me (I know, I know…).  The noise eliminating sleeves feature an interesting shape to better fit into ears and block the entire opening.  Each pair of earbuds comes with three differently sized soft plastic sleeves – so you can make sure these little guys fit just right.  Interestingly, when I push the earbuds into my ears, they act like suction cups and outside noises are thereby further blocked out.  Sometimes this feels awkward, so I’ll fix them back to the way they were, and other times the suction cup technique is beneficial.  Most people are impressed with how well the Smokin' Buds stay in place.. but I’ve heard a couple people complain.  One guy said his fall out when he runs because he has oily ears (???).  Strange.  No complaints here … or oily ears, for that matter.

The sounds these bad boys produce is rather impressive.  My tunes always sound clear; never distorted or fuzzy.  I’ve noticed most Smokin' Bud owners agree.  The bass is also rich, which is hard to find in many earbuds.  A convenient little in-line volume changer comes attached, too.  Their quality is quite remarkable, especially for the price.  The Skullcandy website lists Smokin' Buds for $29.95, but I purchased mine for just $19.99 at Staples.  They’re also sold for $20 at  I’d definitely recommend them to anyone – great price and great quality.  You can’t beat that.

Technical Info:

Brand: Skullcandy
Model: SC-SBW3.5 Smokin' Bud
Provides: Direct-to-ear high fidelity acoustic

Driver: 9mm
Includes: In-line volume control, three different sizes in noise eliminating sleeves, and travel case
Price: $29.95

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