JVC HA-NCX78 Review

JVC HA-NCX78JVC HA-NCX78 earbuds brings the ultimate level of concentration to the music

JVC HA-NCX78 earbuds helps you to concentrate only on music avoiding the barking of neighborhood dog or any loud sound coming out from television. You can completely forget about the rest of world and take bring together your ear and mind into the specific music you are listening to. This not only avoids the ambient noise rather keeps control on cord friction, wind and electrical noise.

The audible hiss sometimes bothers otherwise JVC HA-NCX78 earbuds gives clarity.

JVC HA-NCX78 earbuds provide a reduction of other noises almost 88%. The monitoring system hanging between the earbuds and the input jack gives the idea of noise reduction. The button on that monitoring system can keep you away from all kinds of sound effects juts giving the effect of an air phone. This brings the mind and the ear to the extreme level of concentration on music. 

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JVC HA-NCX78 headphone Review

Feel the silence between you and music

If you prefer to listing to music while riding on the back of the bike, then JVC HA-NCX78 is the best device altogether. It has the capacity of reducing the wind noise. Apart from its promise to keep 88% of the ambient sound away, this is an additional one.

Even JVC HA-NCX78 performs very well in the gym keeping away the monotony of gym music and the sound of gym machine. You can a far from the weights clanging sounds or the sound of people talking. A concentration and mental relaxation are required while pursuing physical exercise. Shirt clip, ear loops, active monitoring are the best criteria for this device.

Such a level of clarity within an affordable price is undoubtedly amazing. You can get rid of so many noises making your enjoyment more clear. You will definitely feel out of this world with outstanding clarity.  JVC HA-NCX78 is really an ideal device for a music enthusiast. This wide reduction system is incredible. So just ignore whatever others say about the less clarity.

A JVC HA-NCX78 product is priced at $41.44

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Frequency Response: 18 – 22000 Hz
Input Impedance: 36 Ohm
Magnet Type:     Neodymium
Power Supply: 1 x Standard battery – AAA type
Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW
Weight (without cord): 1.3 oz
Connector: iPhone

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See More Images and Product Detail on This Product Page

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