Bose IE2 Audio Headphones

Bose IE2 Audio HeadphonesUshering in Natural Sound Quality

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These ear buds are a great buy and the new design puts them in a class all their own.

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Bose IE2 audio headphones

Great Audio Quality with New Design

Bose has set a higher standard for ear phone makers with their latest in ear headphones. The Bose IE2 earphones increase the range of natural sounds. This isn’t your regular $10 ear bud listening experience. The design itself is engineered to enhance the acoustics of sound and the results are smooth audio output, a snug fit and durability.

The IE2 ear buds are small and compact but pack a punch. Some larger model earphones can’t measure up to the output quality here. The trademark StayHear silicone tips make sure these earphones keep up with you whatever you may be doing. They come in three different sizes to accommodate different listeners’ ear shape comfortably.

Bose IE2 headphones are compatible with a wide range ofMP3 players, laptops and portable CD players. It comes with a leather carrying case for an element of added style.

Bose extended its classic over the ear design to fit the on the go consumer and they couldn’t have done it better. The new design allows people to move about freely but still enjoy the best audio standards of the business.

While the price tag may be higher than the competition, so is the sound quality the Bose IE2 produces. In some cases, you get what you pay for can’t be truer. This is one of them

Technical Info:

MSRP $99.95
Product Details
Product Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 5 inches ; 2 pounds
Headphones (one side, with StayHear™ tip)
1.3"H x 1.02"W x .59"D (3.3 cm x 2.59 cm x 1.5 cm)
Cable length from ear bud to headphone plug
45.25 in (115 cm)
Weight with cables and StayHear tips
.65 oz. (18.5 g)

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