Apple iPod Earphones

Apple iPod Earphones

Comes with the iPod for free. Average sound quality. Looks cool. Very easy to find if you need to replace them.

Terribly uncomfortable. Not cheap considering the alternatives. Bass is boomy.

The most visible pair of earphones on the planet, are sadly the most uncomfortable. They just don't feel right and one does have better alternatives that are both cheaper, and slightly more expensive.

Apple iPod Earphones: Millions of Ears…Imagine the Suffering

One of the most popular earphones in the world does not really deliver where it counts; comfort and sonics

There are few headphones as visible as the Apple iPod Earphones, with more than 60-70 million pairs floating around the planet at any given time. While Apple deserves an enormous pat on the back for the iPod and headphone firestorm that it ignited, it really did not do such a great job with the supplied headphones. From the first moment I tried them, something did not sit right. They are the most uncomfortable earphones I have ever tried. How millions of people are able to walk around with them in their ears all day, baffles me to be quite honest. It is like being poked in the head with a sharp stick all day.

I know.

What if they have a banana?

What if they have a bunch?

Sonically, the iPod Earphones have improved dramatically from the first model and Apple did listen to the complaints that many of us sent in. The midrange is certainly cleaner sounding and the bass is better controlled. The top end still sounds bright to me, which I find to be a strange characteristic for a device that encouraged people to listen to music with its top end lobbed off.

For $25, there are far better options.

Sorry Apple, but the $10 JVC Gumy headphones are more musical sounding and way more comfortable.

Technical Info

Brand: Apple
Model: iPod Earphones
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20,000Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Price: $29.00

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