Aiwa HP-SC21 Clip Swoops Headphones

Aiwa HP-SC21 Clip Swoops Headphones

lightweight. Great for running. Sound quality is superior to other earbuds. Interesting color options. Might be a part of electronics history if Sony pulls the plug on Aiwa. Good cable length.

Somewhat difficult to find. Interesting color options. Around-the-back design might not work with those of us who wear glasses. Do not fold. No storage case.

An above average sounding pair of earbuds that are very comfortable for running and lifting. Sound quality is quite good for the price, although we wish they were easier to store and came with a case.

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Aiwa HP-SC21 Clip Swoops Headphones

An above average sounding pair of earbuds that are very comfortable for running and lifting.

Very few headphones are sexy. They just do not elicit that type of response from people. Often, while listening to my Sennheiser HD650’s, people ask me for directions to either the closest gun range or when the flight from Dayton is due to arrive. Manufacturers deserve a lot of the blame, to be frank. Having tried a number of Bluetooth-enabled headphones, I have to say that they look rather asinine and that was about the nicest comment I received while walking around with the Motorola HT280s. I felt like the guy who worked for Lando in Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back. He had these giant tumors protruding from his ears. He did not talk. He blinked a lot. He was not going to score with Princess Leia.

The HP-SC21s are sexy. Sorta.

The Aiwa HP-SC21s are an around-the-back in-ear earbud that not only look good, but fit well, and sound surprisingly clean for less than twenty-five clams. The fact that they stay in while pounding away on an elliptical machine makes them a good choice for folks who want decent sound and comfort while ruining their knees. I take my glasses off when I run, but I could tell that the design might not work for everyone who is optically challenged.

The sound quality trumps my darling JVC Gummies, but they are one of the few inexpensive headphones that I have tried that really deliver the goods. The driver is capable of strong bass response, which I liked because a majority of my workout music has a funky beat and loses all of its impact if the bass is weak. The midrange is rather clear, even at loud levels, which I found surprising in an expensive earbud.

Hard to find, but great for the runner and Bespin far, far away.

Technical Info:

Brand: Aiwa

Model: HP-SC21 Clip Swoops

Type: Open-Air, Dynamic

Driver unit: 13.5mm

Impedance: 16 ohms

Sensitivity: 104 dB/mW

Cord length: 0.5m

Power rating: 50mW

Frequency response: 18 – 22,000Hz

Price: $25.00

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