Sony MDR V6

Sony MDR V6

Sweet sounding headphones – great clarity over whole frequency range.

Great rich sound, crisp bass response without distortion or washiness. Super comfortable, padded headband and big enough to cover your whole ear to keep outside sound out.

Somewhat larger than most headphones, they’re moderately bulky for portable audio. Ear padding is comfortable, but can tear or fray with extended use. External wires sometimes get twisted and tangled in the foldable design.

Awesome sound that's great for drowning out the world for only about $100. Good enough to use in studio settings for tracking and mixing. These provide great isolation from outside sounds and beautiful clarity in the audio.

Sony MDR V6

These headphones provide clarity and durability while remaining comfortable and versatile. They’re really good for listening to music, mixing and tracking.

Sony’s MDR-V6’s have been around for a long time. Being generally dependable, they have stood the test of time. They can last for 20+ years with uncompromised audio delivery. The biggest drawback is that the earpads need to be replaced every once in a while as they are susceptible to wear and tear. This is, however, a small price to pay for the way these bad boys sound.

What’s great about them is that they really let you isolate yourself within your music. They cover and comfortably hug your whole ear keeping all the music in and sounds from the surrounding world out. I have missed many a phone call while immersed in these punchy little cans. They provide an awesome escape from daily life.

The bass is pleasantly powerful, giving wonderful warmth to music while maintaining a lovely clarity over the frequency spectrum. 40mm Driver units give these phones a lot of muscle and the sound quality is difficult to match at that price. Boasting a frequency response from 5Hz – 30,000Hz, they uncover all the things you’ve been missing in your records. The spectrum is lucid and precise and it’s great to have real bass as opposed to cheesy low mid boosts.

The MDR-V6s come with earcups that swivel so you can monitor one side at a time which is a great feature for mixing or DJing. They also fold up nicely for storage or travel. I would say these are probably my favorite headphones. They sound great and they last. Durable and dependable, they are definitely worth the hundred bucks.

Technical Info

Brand: Sony
Model: MDR – V6
Impedance: 63 Ohms
Sensitivity: 106 dB/mW
Driver Unit: 40 mm
Frequency Response:
Cord Length: 5 – 30,000Hz
Price: $109.99

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