Grado SR80i Review

Grado SR80iPursue an excellent audio experience with Grado SR80i

Sound quality is the main target to search for while purchasing any headphone and in this term Grado SR80i qualifies grand mark. This cost conscious audiophile is very much popular due to its comfort level.

Grado SR80i is not so stylish. It is more conventional in its appearance.

Best sound is the main target while buying any headphone and Grado SR80i completely fulfills the expectation of its users. The exceptional comfort while fitting it on your head is something extra. Headphones have become an inextricable part of our lives. Wearing it constantly on our head may be a little hectic with some devices. Grado SR80i gives a relief with any such uncomfortability. This fits and satisfies everyone with their own budget and demand.

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Grado SR80i headphone Review

Sound clarity is the ultimate word for Grado SR80i

Sound clarity is the last for Grado SR80i. This gives revolutionary poise between the upper and
lower frequencies. This provides an improved bass quality. This device controls the ambient distortions with a better housing structure that is completely redesigned.

Grado SR80i gives an outstanding audio experience with resonant distortion functionality using a 4 conductor connecting cable. The larger sized ear cushions with its two pivot points give an exceptional level of audio listening experience. Its exceptional resonance really brings the world of music with an extra special effect.

Grado SR80i is well known for its durability and the exceptional comfort. It has wonderfully systematic pivot points allowing the users to collapse the device while travelling. There is no such problem you need to face while packing your luggage for any trip with this device. This is very much portable. It use of this device is very easy in any portable player or any home equipments. This is no doubt a wonderful product from the Grado family. This is an exceptional piece of design engineering and quality audio gear with maximum sound performance. Te specifications of this device assure maximum performance and durability.

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Technical Info:

Frequency Response: 2 20 – 20000 Hz 0-20
Input Impedance: 32 Ohm
Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW
Weight (without cord): 200 g (With Battery)
Cord Length:     6 feet 

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See More Images and Product Detail on This Product Page

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