Audio Technica W1000 Review

Audio Technica W1000 ReviewNot your typical can

The headphones are enclosed in with solid wood but still lightweight. The ear cups give you a rather luxurious feel since it is soft and perfect for prolonged usage. The padded headband matches well with the comfortable ear cups that press gently against the skull.

It is not very focused with picking up bass so this may not be advisable for bass heads.

There’s emphasis on brightness and clarity with a great sense of space and of course, transparency.

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Audio Technica w1000 Review

Great Product

Please your ears without compromise. Style and quality put together, and you’ll have audio technica w1000.

You don’t have to suffer from the fatigue from when you use those low-end headphones. They don’t also swivel on the vertical plane. The audio technica w1000 is a product of good ergonomics giving you a much enjoyable fit. No waste of space and all features play their parts pretty well. Also, allow the gold and wooden plug to impress you.

The music perfect for audio technica w1000 are classical, folk and jazz. You don’t have to do amplification nor equalization to satisfy your favorite styles. Because of its durable build, you feel as if they can last for a very long time.

The wing design increases its comfort level and is worth every single penny spent.

This is not your ordinary earphones.

Audio technica w1000phones give the best sounds. It is a simple as that. The soundstage gives you a sense of realism.

Good isolation from your wife too except when you start ignoring her when you’re very absorbed.  

Audio technica w1000gives you superb sound quality and transparent sound. There’s a stunning detail wherever you look at it and especially however you listen to it. The design is great with a very decent construction and it is important to note that it is lightweight without sacrificing the sound details.

Most headphones create good sound by putting too much bass or too sharp highs as output but the product plays music exactly how it is recorded.

For listeners who want to scrutinize the details in music, with this product you can actually hear fingers slide over the guitar strings or other string instruments. You will be able to recognize the difference between plucking and picking. Perfect for listening to violins too because of the sharp crisp sound it produces which the headphones does not fail to catch. This is ideal for listening to rock music, too. There are background noises you’ll pick up which you surely missed using ordinary headphones.

The cord gives you more chance to move around without worrying if it will be yanked off from your stereo.

The audio technica w1000 looks elegant and sounds elegant. The output is very pleasing to the ears no matter what genre you like.

A hundred hours of using the product won’t matter since it gives you the pleasure of hearing every note, listening carefully up to very last details there is to listen for in a song.

It won’t hurt to make audio technica w1000 your new favorite. They can provide you with amazingly everything that you would want: sound, bass, prolonged usage and isolation. What a way to listen to your old collections! It’s like rediscovering them all over again.

Technical Info:

3m oxygen-free cable

6.3mm gold-plated standard plug wrapped in tough cloth

53mm driver

Neodymium magnet

5Hz-40kHz with 102dB sensitivity

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