Audio Technica ATH A900 Review

Audio Technica ATH a900Excellent sound clarity coupled with extra comfort

The special feature of Double Air Damping System makes the headphone stand apart from the rest with its high quality sound and maximum clarity. The comforting design adds to the experience.

The comparatively large body makes it unsuitable for use while traveling. Though they come at a moderate price, still it can seem to be a bit steep for some.

The Audio Technica ATH a900 headphone promises you superior sonic quality as well as extra comfort. You get audiophile-quality sound along with a power handling of 2,000 mW which ensures crystal clear sound and enhanced volume.

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Audio Technica a900 Also known as Audio Technica ATH a900 Review

Superior listening experience

The Audio Technica ATH a900 is equipped with D.A.D.S or Double Air Damping System which was first formulated for the well-known Limited Edition W2002 Audio Technica Wooden Headphones. The most prominent feature of this system is that it plays an instrumental role in creating deep resounding bass reproduction which makes the vocal projection something to look forward to. If you are one of those who like their music really loud on the ears, it can be a smart choice for you.

The Audio Technica ATH a900 boasts of 3D Wing Support Housing design which is absolutely vibration proof so that you get comfortable support along with a superior listening experience.

The aluminum matte cup housing of the Audio Technica ATH a900 that has a blue finish is quite attractive to look at. This implies that you can make a subtle style statement by flaunting one in your ears. The pad design is extremely comfortable and fits your ears with ease. Therefore, the headphones score high on the comfort factor too.

By way of accessories, you get a detachable phone plug that is a stereo standard one. Though this is not much, still, it can come to use in more ways than one.
Sometimes, the high sensibility of the Audio Technica ATH a900 headphone can pose to be a disadvantage especially when you use devices with volumes that are digitally controlled.

Over all, the ATH a900 headphone works in more ways than one and is therefore a sensible choice for all.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Sensitivity: 101 dB
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 40,000 Hz
Maximum Input Power: 2000 mW
Impedence: 40 ohms
Driver Unit: 53 mm
Weight: 350g
Length of Cord: 3.0m
Magnet: Neodymium

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