Denon AH-C710 Advanced In-Ear Headphones

Denon AH-C710 Advanced In-Ear HeadphonesExcellent reliability, ultimate listening comfort

Uses infrared technology, for wireless reception without interference that radio waves are prone to
Lightweight and comfortable cushioned pads allow for comfortable use in extended periods of time
No interference from other technology such as cordless phones or microwaves
Has a range of up to 33ft. from the transmitter to the headset
Hooks directly to your television for easy setup and use
Comes packaged with adaptors for extended use with other devices
Works with several different headsets for multiple use at the same time

Some users have reported issues such as sound only coming into one earphone.
TV must have the proper sound output jacks for proper use.
If TV does not have the proper jacks for sound output then the optional microphone must be used near the TV speaker on low volume, and users have reported that this option can be noisy as the microphone picks up many different sounds.

While this set of wireless headphones provide an excellent way for the hard of hearing to be able to listen to television comfortably, they do not offer as many high tech features as a younger audience may desire. Therefore it is given a rating of 4

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Denon AH-C710 Advanced In-Ear Headphones

Wireless sound for your private pleasure

With Unisar Sounds TV Listener you can boost your TV experience to the maximum level while not disturbing other viewers. These wireless infrared headphones are designed with the hard of hearing in mind, giving them the ability to hear the television or radio at a high volume for their impaired hearing while others are able to enjoy the very same thing at their own level of volume. Not only that, but they come in quite handy for those night owls who have trouble falling asleep as early as most. For example, if your wife had fallen asleep much earlier then you, you can use these headphones to watch a bit of television without disturbing her. This of course allows both people to enjoy their respective actions with no impact on either or. Unisar Sounds TV listener is a handy companion for many different people, so why not give them a try?

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Over the Head Sound Mode
Stereo Plug Type 3.5 mm
Wireless Features Battery Life of nearly 50 Hours Max
Transmit Range 35 ft. / 10 m
Volume Control
Plug and Play to nearly any television set
Stereo Sound
MSRP 49.99

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC3

Audio Technica ATH-ANC3Noise cancelling earphones for better listening

The Audio Technica ATH – ANC 3 noise cancelling in – ear phone reduces the background noise by 90%. It is ideal for listening in places that have a high ambient noise. The ear pieces functions even without the battery. The ear pieces are soft and interchangeable and come in sizes for custom fit.

A little high priced which makes it impossible for all to buy.

The Audio Technica ATH – ANC 3 noise cancelling in – ear headphones have the ability to detect even the slightest external environment noise through its microphones which enable it to cancel the external noise upto 90%. It can be perfectly used in airplanes and on trains. The driver diameter is 12.5 mm having a frequency response of 15 – 22,000 Hz. Having a weight of 40 – (1.4 oz) along with the battery, it is definitely a delight to use.

Audio Technica ATH – ANC 3 is priced at $170.

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Audio Technica ATH-ANC3 Review

Have a peaceful musical experience with the Audio Technica ATH – ANC 3 earphones

The Audio Technica’s latest range of earphones which is the ATH – ANC 3 in – ear headphones is actually designed especially for people who travel a lot. The in – ear headphone has a microphone in each ear piece that helps to pick up any external environment noise and cancel it. It is ideal in traffic and air handling systems. Even if you are in a busy subway or a noisy office in an airplane, you can listen to music at ease.

The in – ear design of the headphones are sleek and perfect for travelling purposes. Having advanced electronics, it can reduce the background environmental noise by 90%. These headphones are so designed that it can be compatible with all sources of audio including MP3 players and other portable music players.

The ear pieces are soft and can be interchanged. Available in three different sizes of small, medium and large, the headphones can fit your ears perfectly well. The control box is well designed and sleek that has the on / off operating switch. The in – ear headphones comes with a hard carrying case that protects the ear pieces as well as the accessories. The accessories include a single set of AAA batteries, a two – pin airline adaptor, a Y cable that has an adjustable sleeve. The mini – plug being gold plated, it provides resistance against corrosion with superb conductivity.

Technical Info:

Frequency Response: 15 – 22,000 Hz

Magnet: Neodymium

Sensitivity: 104 dB

Driver Diameter: 12.5 mm

Impedance: 90 ohms

Weight: 40 – (1.4 oz) with battery

Cable: 0.8 – + 0.2 – (3.3' total) with 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini-plug

Accessories: Extension cable 0.5 – (1.6') with 3.5 mm (1/8") stereo mini-plug; airline adapter; AAA battery; carrying case; ear pieces (rubber tips) (S/M/L size)

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Philips SHE 9500 In-Ear Headphones

Philips SHE 9500 In-Ear Headphones

Comfortable design that sits well in the ear and can worn for more than an hour. Not very expensive considering the sound quality and isolation from outside noise. Smooth, neutral sounding midrange and top end that won't have you turning down the volume when the actions gets hot.

The different cable lengths on each side is infuriating. Bass needs some added meat. Will not stir the soul with passion.

An inexpensive pair of in-ear headphones that do well in most categories, but don't expect them to shine with dance or hip-hop because the meaty bass response is not there. The cable design makes no sense and needs to be reworked.

Philips SHE9500 In-Ear Headphones: Dude, Where's my Ambilight?

Comfortable in-ear headphones that are very affordable and unlikely to hurt your ears.

Philips is a company whose headphones do not jump off the page and scream, “Buy me”. The manufacturer is best known for its video technology and the development of digital television systems and the compact disc. Its core business in the United States is in lifestyle related products, including health care technology. It may be the third largest consumer electronics company in the world, but headphones have never been its focus. That being said, Philips has been quite busy during the iPod-era and has expanded its headphone line-up to over 40 models, including the SHE9500. They do face some rather stiff competition from Sony, JVC, Grado, Bose, and others, but Philips products seem to be selling rather well. Philips has a number of good (although not spectacular sounding) models such as the SHE9500 that serve their purpose quite well; Easy to wear for extended periods of time, well-made, value priced, and easy to travel with.

Sonically, the SHE9500 are neutral across the entire frequency range making them great, as long as you do not crave passion in your sonic presentation. I know that sounds like a real dig at an otherwise decent product, but why cannot manufacturers pad the midrange just a tad on some of their models. Would it be so difficult? As someone who does not listen to MP3s at all, as I consider it a sin worse than bacon on Yom Kippur, you could probably argue that I am the last person to complain about such an issue because all of my music is in lossless formats and the headphones are only reproducing what I am feeding them.

Garbage in. Garbage out?

I fed the Philips the same audiophile-level recordings I use when reviewing $1,000 headphones, and $10,000 loudspeakers, so I will stand by more initial comment that they (and this is a general comment about many ear buds and cheaper headphones that I have tried of late) need some extra meat in the midrange to become better than average.

I could listen to the SHE9500 for about thirty minutes at medium volume levels before I wanted to turn the music off. They really do not commit any major sins, which is a plus. The comfort level is above average, which makes them good for working out or commuting. The problem is the asymmetric cable design that makes no sense at all. Not to me, or anyone else in the office. Try turning your head while sitting down with these, and the left headphone keeps popping out. Not a good design item to promote in my humble opinion.

Worthy of an audition, but I am still think you are better off spending an additional $30 on the Grado SR60s.

Technical Info

Brand: Philips
Model: SHE9500
Headphone Type: Binaural
Form: Ear bud
Cable length: 48 inches
Sensitivity: 102 dB
Impedance: 16 Ohms
Magnet: Neodymium
Price: $35.99

Philips In-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones SHN2500

Philips In-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones SHN2500

Active noise reduction for in-ear monitors

Made by Philips, a major producer of electronics, so the R&D is well-intended, or at least well funded. They give plenty of slack, are somewhat comfortable and sound half-decent.

The “noise reduction” is actually noise replacement. The noise reduction unit and battery casing are an in-line box that can’t be removed.

No good…or at least not good enough to branded “noise canceling.” Maybe if the audio was superb and the comfort wasn’t comparable to an earwig boring into the side of my head, the SHM2500 would be passable.

Philips In-Ear Noise Canceling Headphones: Not Sure About the Noise Canceling Part…

No good…or at least not good enough to be branded “noise canceling.” Maybe if the audio was superb and the comfort wasn’t similar to that of an earwig digging into the side of my head, the SHM2500 would be passable.

Philips got my hopes up with the SHN2500 Active Noise Canceling In-Ear Headphones.  The name tricked me.  The room noise and the cars outside my window didn't magically melt away, as they do with circumaural noise cancellers by Bose or Ableplanet.  I know it’s not fair to compare full-size phones with these little in-ears, but truly, we're comparing their common technology here.

The SHN2500 advertises “70% less external noise.”  However, during the little amount of time I could bear to wear them, they didn't reduce external noise at all.  The noise-canceling unit just smoked out room noise with a combination of its own white noise and a low hum in the range of 123 Hz.  Consequently, all your favorite albums now sound fuzzy.  There’s nothing like listening to Abbey Road with some nice white noise to fill in those awful gaps.

The other thing the noise replacement feature does is raise the volume.  Make sure you have your device’s volume set down low before engaging the noise replacement.

If nothing else about the SHN2500 had turned me off, it feels as though someone just punched me in the ears.  To be fair, I’m often told I have oddly-shaped ear canals, and in-ears never really rest comfortably in them.  However, I don’t recall throbbing pain after using other in-ears.  I’d like to think I’m old enough to follow directions, so I have no explanation other than poor design for these painful things.

Technical Info:

Acoustic system: Open
Active noise attenuation: 50-1,500Hz, >10dB at 300Hz
Diaphragm: Mylar dome
Frequency response: 40 – 20 000 Hz
Impedance: 72 Ohm at 1kHz 72 Ohm
Magnet type: Neodymium
Maximum power input: 15 mW
Noise cancelling effect: ~10 dB at 300 Hz
Sensitivity: 102 dB
Speaker diameter: 9 mm
Type: Dynamic
Voice coil: Copper
Price: $25

Klipsch Image S4 Earphones Review

Klipsch image S4Brilliant Sound Quality

The Klipsch Image S4 earphones provide excellent sound quality at a very affordable price. This device is comfortable to utilize and is available in the market with different items like cleaning brush and metallic box.

The cord of this device is not that strong, moreover the built-in ear tips might not function for all the users.

The Klipsch Image S4 earphones provide you high sound quality as compared to many other earphone devices present in the marketplace in the same price range. It is one of the best options accessible for the people searching for new earphones.

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Klipsch Image S4 Earphones Review

Quality And Economical

In case you are looking to purchase high quality earphones and also want to acquire it at a reasonable price then look no further than the Klipsch Image S4. These earphones provide you with surrounding top quality sound that is very hard to find in devices that can be bought under 100 US Dollars. If your current ear phones have expired and you are looking for new ones for your MP3 player or I-Pad then this machine is one of the best choices available.
The Klipsch Image S4 has got very tiny buds that are conical in shape and easily fix in the ears of the user without any kind of problem, so you feel comfortable having them on. While its utilization you would not be able to hear any external sound from the surroundings. These devices are available in 2 different sizes and both the sizes are not large, so people who have got extra large ears must not use the device as they might face fitting problems. With these earphones you will also get a metallic storage box in which you can store the phones as well as the wax cleaning brush.

One of its main drawbacks is that the cord or cable is not very strong and tough. So it may break easily if not taken care of. The main reason behind this is that the cord is very thin. The factor is concerning, however for this purpose the Klipsch has provided the users with 2 years warranty period.

Technical Info:

Headphones Technology – Dynamic
Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 19 kHz
Sound Output Mode – Stereo
Sensitivity: 110 dB/mW
Impedance: 18 ohms
MSRP: $79.99

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Klipsch Image S3 Review

Klipsch Image S3 ReviewOutstanding sound, fairly priced

The Klipsch S3 line of headphones delivers fantastic sound for an unbeatable price.
Noise-isolating technology.
Comes in 4 different colors for your personal preference.
Oval shaped ear plugs provide a very comfortable experience for extended wear.

Not the greatest sounding headphones, but worth it for the selling price.
Only comes in 4 colors.

Although these headphones deliver quality sound at a decent price, they are lacking in a variety of styles and therefore are given a rating of 4.

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Klipsch Image S3 Review

Very nice sounds from a moderate ranged budget of headphones

Klipsch has brought yet another iteration of their outstanding headphone lineup to the world. These headphones are moderately equipped to fit the performance of their particular budget range, and they do so with outstanding audio quality for the price paid. It is no secret in the audio world that Klipsch has been around for a very long time; delivering high quality audio products for the entire duration of their existence. These Klipsch Image S3 headphones can be used in any number of devices, provided that they have a 3.5mm headphone jack. Perfect for your portable Mp3 player, portable CD players, computers, laptops, television sets for quiet viewing, and any other situation you can think of. The Klipsch image S3 headphones are ideal for listening to music playback, audio from movies, voice, and just about any other type of sound you can imagine.

Not only are these headphones priced to fit almost any budget, they are also ideal for many different things. If you workout often, you no doubt know the value of being able to listen to your favorite music while working out. If you go jogging or bicycling, you also know the value of listening to music. Perhaps you’re a book lover; yet don’t have time to read. These headphones are the ideal choice to listen to audio books. Whatever your reason for needing a high quality set of headphones, you can be assured that Klipsch delivers with this model.

Technical Info:

DESIGN In-ear, Dynamic Moving Coil Micro Speaker
DIMENSIONS Driver diameter: 5.8mm
Packaging: 7.9" H x 4.5" W x 1.3" D
WEIGHT 11 grams
FEATURES Noise Isolation: -18
FINISHES Gray, Red, Pink, Green

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JVC HA-FX33 Marshmallows

Bose TriPort Around-Ear Headphones

Inexpensive and generally comfortable to wear for extended periods. Isolation is excellent, as is the build quality of the headphone. Sound is generally clean sounding, although not exactly neutral.

Not the last word is midrange clarity. Cable could be thicker. Foam tips can get rather gross after a few listening sessions. Bass is tad lumpy.

For under-$20, it is hard to criticize these in-ear earphones too harshly. Sound quality is certainly above average and the isolation from outside noise is really quite superb. Far better than any other headphone at this price point.

So were to get the best deal you ask.  Here is the answer

JVC HA-FX33 Marshmallow Earphones: What Did You Do Ray?

While not as impressive as a 50-foot Marshmallow Man on the UWS, they will do far less damage.

I have become really attached to in-ear monitors, but wanted something that would be sturdier and less expensive than these have become. Since they will primarily be used to listen to music when I work out, sound quality is only moderately important – size and comfort means more to me than the dynamic range and frequency response.

If I had to describe the look of these earbuds to anyone, I would say that they look something like a food mixer with the smooth curve and glossy finish. The available colors; blue, pink, lime green, black and white, are designed to be a good match to almost any small portable device. I selected black because it is what was available when I made my purchase.

These headphones have a small driver size that makes for a comfortable, yet snug fit into the ear canal. They might take a little wiggling to get them to seat properly, but once they are in, they do not feel like they will come out by accident. They come with little foam tips (the ones that give them their marshmallow name) that help block out external noise. The foam is firm but pliable – those with narrow ear canals can compress the foam to help insert the buds comfortably. An extra pair of foam pieces is included

The JVC Marshmallows have the 'traditional' format with equal-length wires going to each ear. I have come to prefer asymmetrical headphone wires, but that is not a major drawback for me. The wires are flexible but sturdy and there is a small wire lock that slides up the ear wires making it possible to shorten their length or hold those wires together so they do not tangle for storage. The overall length of these headphones is four feet from plug to earpieces – long enough for most applications, short enough that there is not an excess of extra wire when using the headphones with portable electronics.

The most important factor in any headphone is the sound quality. Moreover, I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with these. I was not expecting a lot – the sub-$20 category is filled with models that have exceptionally poor sound. However, these are actually not bad. The sound is well balanced, and I did not find myself bothered by a hot top end or bloated, poorly defined bass. I am able to turn up the volume quite a bit with no discernable distortion in the sound – but it is not necessary to make it too loud since the foam blocks external noise pretty well.

The only drawbacks I have found with these ear buds are that the foam tips do come off easily – it might be easy to lose one in a pocket or car or gym bag. In addition, there are plastic tubes under the foam that the marshmallows slide over. If the foam gets squished in the wrong way, that plastic can poke or scrape the inside of your ear – ouch. However, this is a minor complaint considering the overall quality of the headphones.

Overall, I am happy with these earbuds. They look good, they are comfortable, and the sound is adequate to most everyday uses. At half the price of some similar headphones, these are a good deal. If you are looking for a decent, utilitarian pair of headphones, these are worth checking out.

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Technical Info


Brand: JVC
Model: HA-FX33
Driver: Powerful neodymium 8.5mm driver unit
Frequency Response: 8 – 23,000Hz
Sensitivity: 93 dB/1mW
Nominal Impedance: 14 ohms
Maximum Input Capability: 200 mW(IEC)
Cord length: 3.94ft tangle resist cord
Weight: 0.11oz
Gold plated plug
Spare earpieces included
Price: $19.95