Monster Beat Spins High Definition DJ Headphones Review

Monster Beat Spins

There is a 3 year limited warranty offered with Monster Beat Spins High Definition DJ Headphones. The quality of the sound offered with these headphones is among the best that a consumer can find. They are very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, which is a great benefit.

The visual look of Monster Beat Spins High Definition DJ Headphones combined with the celebrity status of their creator though makes these among the most expensive you can purchase. Still, most consumers find them to be well worth it if they plan to use the headphones on a regular basis.

These headphones are compatible with most products out there, so you can use them with your PC, TV, computer, iPod, and more. They are very easy to use and they come with a nice carrying case to keep them protected when not in use.They might be a little pricey, but if you use them on a regular basis, they are worth every penny.

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Monster Beat Spins High Definition DJ Headphones Review

Monster Beat Spins High Definition DJ Headphones are comfortable to wear and they offer exceptional sound. They also quickly fold up for carrying and simple storage. They offer a microphone that is built in so you can easily chat online or make calls while keeping your hands free. They are also compatible with iTunes.

These are studio quality headphones that were created by the musician, Doctor Dre. They are one of the top selling headphone products out there due to the comfort, design, and quality. This is one of three different types of headphones that are offered by the company.

The sounds offered on them are on many levels and that means the consumers gets a unique experience. In fact, when you use Monster Beat Spins High Definition DJ Headphones you will find your music has more depth and quality than before. The background sounds will be recognizable instead of disappearing.

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Technical Info:

  • Power Isolation
  • Noise canceling
  • Limited White color
  • Spacious Earcups
  • Plush breathable cushions


Sennheiser HD 212 DJ Headphones

Sennheiser HD 212 DJ HeadphonesReliable DJ Headphones that provide excellent sound quality

This headphone set gives great bass sound with definition and clarity. The comfortable earpieces make it easy to wear for long periods. The headband is not too tight, adding to comfort.

The bass almost always cuts out the mid and treble ranges of these headphones. The wired nature of the headphones can get in the way of serious Disk Jockeys.

This is a headphone built solely with the aim of providing a great headphone for Disk Jockeys in mind. As such, the headphones provide great bass that can really blow you away. The bass thump on this piece of equipment is truly a revelation. Another great feature is the level of comfort provided by the headphones, allowing you to wear them for hours on end.

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Sennheiser HD 212

High quality and comfort for DJs

The Sennheiser HD 212 is a headphone set which has been built specifically for Disk Jockeys. Obviously, DJ s are always concerned with the level of sound quality provided by their equipment. Hence, the Sennheiser HD 212 focuses on providing just that.

The sleek black design of the Sennheiser HD 212 provides Disk Jockeys with the level of style they need to keep up their appearance as cool music making machines. The smooth headband and large ear cups keep in with this design.

Sennheiser has not compromised comfort for the sake of maintaining a stylish look; the Sennheiser HD 212 is extremely comfortable and can be worn for long periods at a stretch without feeling any pain, a definite plus for Disk Jockeys who are required to keep it going for long periods at all-night parties.

As a DJ headphone set, the Sennheiser HD 212 is focused on providing the best sound quality possible. This is accentuated by a heavy bass thump that Disk Jockeys are always looking for. When wearing these headphones, DJ s should have no trouble maintaining a steady beat using their equipment.

Thanks to the large ear cups of the Sennheiser HD 212, you can be assured that there will be a level of noise-cancellation automatically provided. This beats having to have batteries in your headphones and having annoying switches to turn noise-cancellation features on and off.

The Sennheiser HD 212 is a great buy for the discerning Disk Jockey who really wants to please the crowd, and themselves in the process.

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Technical Info:

Type: Headphones – Binaural
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Response Bandwidth: 12 – 19000Hz
Sensitivity: 112dB
Impedance: 32Ohm
MSRP: $99.95

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Sennheiser HD 202 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 202 HeadphonesCrisp audio quality that will not disappoint

These headphones are more affordable than contemporary models. They provide great sound quality with clear treble and bass. Detachable ear pieces enable extended comfort based on your preferences.

These headphones are a bit bulky and can be heavy to wear after a while. The earpieces tend to wear down and tear with extended use.

This headphone set provides great sound quality for users who are interested in getting the best audio  quality possible out of their audio equipment. The massive earpieces completely cover your ears and their soft cushioning ensures comfort for extended wearing. Since the earpieces can be detached, you can wear them DJ-style as well.

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Sennheiser HD 202

Affordability and great quality in the same package

Sennheiser has built up a legendary reputation as a builder of high-quality headphones, and the Sennheiser HD 202 is no exception to this rule. The Sennheiser HD 202 headphones are designed as a low-budget set of headphones which means that a certain level of compromise has been made in terms of comfort and durability.

The massive earpiece cups are cushioned using faux-leather lined pads, and cover the ears of the user completely, ensuring a level of noise-cancellation. However, this material is prone to become tattered and torn in a short while if you keep using the Sennheiser HD 202 frequently.

The Sennheiser HD 202 headphone's earpieces rest on rails rather than on ball sockets, which means that they are fully detachable. This enables you to make use of them as a pair of DJ headphones, should the need arise. This is quite a feature to get at such a bargain price.

The most important fact that should be mentioned about the Sennheiser HD 202 is its awesome sound quality. Sennheiser have gone to great lengths not to compromise the sound quality of these headphones despite the price. Sound is great across all bands, with great bass and treble augmenting the mid ranges.

In conclusion, although it may have some issues with comfort and durability, the Sennheiser HD 202 is a great headphone set that could really provide you with great audio quality without leaving a hole in your pocket.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Type: Headphones – Binaural
Connectivity Technology: Wired
Sound Output Mode: Stereo
Response Bandwidth: 18 – 18000Hz
Sensitivity: 115dB
Impedance: 32Ohm
MSRP: $30.00

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Sennheiser HD 25-1-II Headphones

Not the cheapest on the block but you do get what you pay for.

Nice spectrum.  A very good mix of everything.

Out of the box this item did take a little to get used to but we warmed up after a week of use.  I have a small head compared to most males.  The smallest setting fit me but if you have a larger then normal head they should still fit but you may have added pressure.

Nothing too fancy.  I would not pay the 300 retail price for these but if you can score them for under 200 It's a recommend buy.  This item is comfortable and can work great with an MP3 player at the gym.  They stay in place.

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Sennheiser HD 25-1-II Headphones

While running around these bad boys stay in place.

We have tested out many different Sennheiser headphones in the past and most of the time have more good things to say then bad.

For an active person moving around a lot this puppy held it's own.  They stay in place while jumping and running around.  You can easily wear these to the gym .

The 2 year manufacturer warranty doesn't hurt either.  It would be nice if they were noise cancelling but they are not.  If you were them around the office you would be jut fine but on a bus they just aren't enough to drown out the rest of the world.

If nothing else, put these in-ears through the Graceland test.  Turn on the Graceland album, sit back and listen at half-level.  If you smile, they pass.  I’m smiling.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the Headphone Store Here and Amazon Here.

Technical Info:

Sensitivity: 120 dB/V
Manufacturer Warranty: 2 Years
Warranty: 2 Years
Cord Length: 4.5 ft.
Microphone: No
Detachable Cable: Yes
Weight: 140 g.
Connector Type: 1/8" with 1/4" adaptor
Driver Type: Dynamic
Cord Type: Straight Right-Side
Coupler Size: Medium
Isolation: -10dB
Ear Coupler Type: Earpad
Impedance @ 1kHz: 70
Wireless: No
Headphone Type: Earpad
Noise Cancelling: No
Acoustic Seal: Closed
You have many choices out there on were to purchase. We do like HeadRoom.  A good return policy and free shipping on orders over 50 bucks. 

See the Amazon page for Sennheiser HD 25-1-II Headphones

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Sony MDR-V500

Sony MDR-V500DJ Headphones with plenty of flexibility

The earcups are mounted on three joints, so the headphones can swivel all over and remain comfortable on your head. They're very light for full-enclosure phones and they're comfortable. The headband also has a wide adjust range for DJs with huge heads.

These phones are not particularly loud, which is fine for a quiet room, but may be a different story at the club, once you push the faders and cue the drunk people. They also lack depth on the lower end of the frequency spectrum.

For under $80, these will get the job done. They make a great backup set for traveling DJs, soundmen or engineers. They are also very versatile for studio applications.

Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Sony MDR-V500

For under $80, these will get the job done. They make a great backup set for traveling DJs, soundmen or engineers.

They're also very versatile for studio applications.

The MDR-V500s are not for the living room consumer.  They are designed for the DJ, recording musician, live soundman and recording engineer.

The most dominant feature of these phones is their flexibility.  The earcups are suspended from the headband by three joints.  The headband, itself, is widely adjustable to fit head sizes and different headphone positions.  This allows the user to use one earcup at a time, called single-sided monitoring.  This is an essential feature for live DJs.

A coiled cord from the left earcup keeps the slack out of the user’s way.  The terminal is a 1/8-inch jack with a 1/4-inch TRS adaptor.  Like some other phones (Sennheiser HD280s, for instance), the adaptor screws onto the 1/8-inch jack, eliminating the need for friction plate components to hold the adaptor in place.  This also means the adaptor can only be used by 1/8-inch jacks that use the screw-on system because regular jacks’ plastic surround won't fit.

These aren't very loud headphones, which is both good and bad.  It’s good because it'll cause less damage to your ears.  It’s bad for live performances.  When you’re trying to match a beat or cue a track, the ability to turn up the volume is paramount.  The MDR-V500 can’t be pulled up beyond a certain limit, and that may not meet the needs of a performer in a loud environment.

In controlled sound environments (like a studio’s live room), these phones may prove useful when multitracking with other musicians.  Put one earcup behind your head, and you might be able to avoid having the other musician’s tracks in your phones.  However, as a note for the recording engineer, the surrounds of these phones are soft and will bleed into your mics.  In other words, these are not the phones to give to drummers while they track because you will have to blast the click track and it may show up on the room or snare mics.  They won’t work for bassists, either, because they lack the bottom end.  But they’re ideal for when the horn section records together.

As for bottom end, try another set of headphones.  The MDR-V500s are clear with low-mids, mids and highs, but they have no low frequency response.  You can hear it, and at loud volumes (respectively) you can hear the kick and bass “pumping.”  They’re not distorting, but definitely telling you they’re at their limits.

Technical Info:

Frequency Range: 10Hz to 25kHz
Sensitivity: 102dB
Impedance: 40Ohms (at 1kHz)
Weight: 8 oz.
Price: $80

See the Amazon page for Sony MDR-V500

ARCTIC Sound P281

ARCTIC Sound P281Comfort Goes a Long Ways!

I must say these are very comfortable DJ headphones.  You will have no problem wearing these for hours on end.

A little too loose.  Not a problem for people with larger heads.  If you plan on moving around a lot you may want to consider other models.

The sound quality on the ARCTIC Sound P281 is very good considering it's low cost price. I have been using other similar Arctic headphones and would say these are on par with them.  The biggest plus is how comfortable these headphones are.  After a few minutes I forget I'm wearing them.

Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

ARCTIC Sound P281

DJ headphones that won't put a dent in your pocket book

With the ARCTIC Sound P281 you are definitely getting your monies worth.  For the MSRP of under $30 dollars it's hard to find a better headphone set that is in the DJ niche.  The sound quality is quite decent.  Sounds come in crisp and outside noise levels won't disturb your listening experience. 

The 90-degree swivel for both earcups allows DJs to have single-sided monitoring. You will also get a 6.3mm adapter so these DJ headphones with fit your gear.  The default size on the Arctic Sound P281 is the standard 3.5mm. 

What really sets this item apart from other DJ headphones is the comfort level and ultra low cost.  It's hard to find a set of headphones that you can wear for hours on end.  The comfort level on these is just great.  It has a has an adjustable padded headband made from artificial leather and the earcups have a very soft cushion.

Besides the 90-degree swivel, what makes these DJ worthy is the noise Isolation that these headphones have.  In a loud setting you will be able to tune out ambient noise so you can focus on what you do best.

There are better DJ headphones out there but they are not anywere near this price range.  For the MSRP of $26.95 you are not going to find anything of better quality. If your in the market for a set of DJ headphones and working with a low budget I would strongly consider getting the ARCTIC Sound P281

– Learn More About this Product on the Arctic Website Here

Technical Info:

Frequency response      20 Hz -20k Hz

Sensitivity         109 dB/mW

Impedance         32 Ohm

Drive unit         Ø50mm

Output power         50 mW

Plug                 Gold-plated 3.5mm x 2 / 6.3mm adapter

Cable                 =2.5m (extended length) 8Ft

Weight                 317 g

Warranty         2 year

Manufacturer Code    ORACO-ER023-GBA01

EAN-Code         0872767003521

See the Amazon page for ARCTIC Sound P281

Sony MDR V700DJ Headphones

Sony MDR V700DJ Headphones

DJ headphones that perform

I adore these DJ headphones! They're the most fantastic headphones for those who like to spin. The laying of sound is magnificent and once you've tried these you'll easily throw away your old pair. They make the job so much more fun!

Bad? What bad? With all of the great features and the amazing sound you can't go wrong with these DJ headphones.

Love them love them love them! These are the best DJ headphones I've seen so far. The sound is spectacular with clean and clear high tones and deep and rich low ones. You can't go wrong with these headphones.

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DJ Headphones: Just What The Doctor Ordered

The sound is spectacular with clean and clear high tones and deep and rich low ones. You can't go wrong with these. They're the best DJ headphones I've heard so far.

The Sony MDR-V700DJs are high priced headphones that really deliver.  It’s difficult reviewing headphones sometimes, because your expectations tend to diminish over time.  When it comes to headphones, it's often hard to hear tracks as the artist intended them to be heard because headphones generally don’t offer the same level of tonal clarity and mix separation available on regular speakers. I'm very happy to report that the Sony MDR-V700DJ headphones not only exceeded my expectations, but set a new standard in midrange headphone solutions.

The design of these headphones is rugged yet stylish.  You'll have no problems tossing these in your bag when you're traveling from gig to gig.  If they can survive in my overcrowded backpack on a full subway train they can survive anything. The fold-up construction adds to the durability and portability of the headphones.  Headphones can be awkward to travel with and are often prone to breaking in a crowded bag. Neither of these are a concern with the Sony MDR-V700DJ.

There are a few features about the construction of the Sony MDR-V700DJ that particularly appealed to me.  The padded headband was comfortable, not overly cushy.  It provided just the right amount of support.  The 10-foot coiled cord solves the problem of what to do with those extra long headphone cords.  Personally, I'm a fan of the extra long headphone cords, but I understand people's frustration when dealing with all the excess.  By coiling their cord, Sony effectively solves this problem.

Of course, what really matters is the sound reproduction; and I am pleased to say that the Sony MDR-V700DJ’s have some of the most beautiful and accurate sound reproduction qualities that I have ever heard from headphones.  I'm mostly a hip-hop listener, so I fully appreciated the rich and clear bass.  More impressive was the headphones' ability to properly layer all the different sounds without sounding muddy.  The highs punched through right where they should, and the bass provided rich undertones.

No matter how you look at it, if you can afford these DJ headphones, you should definitely buy a pair.  They are priced comparably to other headphones in their class, but provide an audio experience that's far more superior.

See What Amazon is selling this for here

Technical Info:

Type: Over-ear, dynamic
Open ear: No
Diaphragm: 50 mm
Includes .25-inch adapter: Yes
Cord length: 10 feet
Nominal impedance: 24 ohms
Sensitivity: 107 dB/mW
Frequency response: 5 to 30,000 Hz
Batteries: No
Item weight: .66 pounds (without cord)
Warranty: 90 days parts and labor
MSRP: $150

Sony MDR V150 Monitor Series Headphones With Reversible Earcups

Sony MDR V150Decent everyday headphones for a decent price

There is plenty good to say about these headphones if you take the studio out of the equation. For everyday wear and use these headphones are fine. The highs sound lovely through these and for your average music listener, these will do fine.

I hate to say it, but these headphones are totally useless as studio monitors. They don't have the ability to produce the types of sounds needed for studio work. The bass is weak and the layering is just not there. Also, they're really tight and may be very uncomfortable for some people.

These headphones are no good for the recording studio but that doesn't mean you can't listen to your favorite CD at home. These are affordable headphones (though somewhat uncomfortable) that will suit everyday usage.


Check Out What Amazon is Selling this Product For


Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones: Stay Away From The Studio

These headphones are too tight on the head and the sound is nowhere near studio monitor quality.

The Sony MDR-V150 with reversible ear cups is a bit of a mixed bag; they're like the little headphones that could. But at their inexpensive price, I'm surprised they do so much.  Let's be perfectly clear here.  These aren't the headphones you'd use to master any tracks (but really you shouldn't be using headphones for that anyway).  With a frequency range of 18-22000Hz, the Sony MDR-V150 headphones don't match the wider range of higher priced headphones, but they're hard to beat when you take their price into consideration.

The bass response of these headphones was somewhat weak and I found myself tweaking the EQ on my computer in efforts to correct the problem.  The high range on the other hand, unlike the bass, is beautifully reproduced, offering crisp tones and clear peaks.

I found the headband to be awfully tight, but this varies depending on the size and shape of your head.  Some people like tightly fitted headphones (I'm not one of them).  I did, however, get used to them after a while.

Some users will take issue with the extra long six-foot cord included with these headphones.  I'm not sure I understand the problem with that, as I find the extra long cord useful.  It gives me a greater degree of freedom to move around my office and home.  I'm concerned with the joints on the ear cups and the ear cups themselves. The joints seem rather flimsy and prone to breakage, and the ear cups don't sit as comfortably or tightly around the ear as other headphones do.

The Sony MDR-V150 are a decent pair of inexpensive headphones.  At less than $20 it's a good buy if you just need an extra set of headphones, or a backup set.  I definitely wouldn't use this as a primary pair of monitoring headphones.

Amazon has the Lowest Price Here.

Technical Info:

Type: Over-Ear (Supra-Aural)
Open Ear: No
Headband: Wide, Adjustable Single Headband
Diaphragm: 30 Mm PET
Ear Cups: Reversible
Includes .25-Inch Adapter: Yes (Uses Sony Unimatch Plug System With Fixed Stereo Miniplug For Use With Portable Equipment; Detachable Phone Plug For Use With Studio And Home Audio Equipment)
Cord Type: Oxygen-Free Copper; 2-Sided
Cord Length: 6.6 Feet (2 M)
Nominal Impedance: 24 Ohms
Sensitivity: 98 Db/Mw
Frequency Response: 18 To 22,000 Hz
Power Handling: 500 Mw
Magnet: Ferrite
Warranty: 90 Days Parts And Labor
MSRP: $19.99