AblePlanet SI550A Review

AblePlanent si550aNoise Canceling Headphones That Re-produce the live experience

  • Good Audio. Very Crisp
  • Stayed in My Ears While Running
  • Comfortable For Long Listening Sessions
  • In-line Mic Quality Is Excellent
  • Cord Untangles Very Easy

  • Little big and bulky for ear buds (Still light weight)

The AblePlanet SI550A sound isolation earphones provide a very enjoyable listening experience. With a price tag of 79.99 we rate this a good buy. If you ever talk on the phone with earphones on and use an Iphone you will like the audio quality the the other person will be able to hear you very clearly. The SI550A earphones have been awarded our Staff pick of the month for May 2012. It scored a 4 Star mark.

Editor Choice Onheadphones.comAblePlanet SI550A Review

Award Winning Sound and Speech Clarity

First Thoughts

When I first pulled these earphones out of the box I thought they looked a little big and bulky and was concerned that there was no way they would stay in place when I went running with them on. The earphones came with 3 eartip sizes. In a lot of other brands you get 4 sizes. This was a little bit of a let down as the smallest size fit very well in my ears but when I loose the eartip (And I Will) the next size up was too big and would not work for me. I could also not find any replacements or price on the ableplanet website for the eartip's. I would imagine it's there but have not been able to locate them.

I first went running on a treadmill with these in a gym. Loud noises all around so I turned the volume up to a level I normally listen to in the gym. The speech from the audio book came in very very clear and crisp and I found I was able to turn the volume down a lot and still understand every word just fine. If you listen to earphones a lot or plan on it then you may really want to consider making a purchase of these as it could potentially help avoid hearing loss in the future as you can listen to songs and the like at a lower sound volume. The earphones stayed in place almost the entire time. Most so then the Skull Candy earphones I normally wear while running.

I have a small head and these headphones did seem to be sticking out further then most other earphones I use. I do count this as a negative.

While traveling in a vehicle and plane for a long time period the earphones suited me very well. Nice little carrying case, very easy to untangle un-like most other headphones, were very comfortable over a long period of time. The headphones grew on me the more I wore them. For an 80 dollar price tag I felt there was real value to the earphones.

How does the Editor Choice Onheadphones.comAblePlanet SI550A Compare to Other Leading Brands?

AblePlantet has another great product on it's hands. I am a fan Skull Candy 50/50 w/mic headphones and would rate the audio of the AblePlanet SI550A as higher quality. I could tell a difference and the difference to me was worth the 30 dollar separation in price.

Overall Design

For a cost of $80 you are getting what you pay for. Compared to a cheaper 30 or 40 dollar earphone the AblePlanet SI550A will beat it hands down. The in-line mic worked extremely well even in a location with some wind. Everyone I talked to said I came in loud and clear and they could not tell I was on a Mic at all. As mentioned the earphones themselves seem a little big to me. Still very comfortable to wear but you can't lay down on your side and listen to these. At least I could not.

The cord on these earphones seems durable and ones that could last me a while. With most headphones I wear out the cord in a matter of months. Next thing you know it breaks off or wires start poking out of the cord. For all those people like me who constantly end up with earphones in major not, the AblePlanet SI550A seem to not tangle nearly as much and when the do it takes only a second to untangle. Very good for those who will be just jamming the earphones into their pocket or the case.


There is a general limited lifetime warranty. Seems the standard warranty of any earphone on the market.


  • Hard Shell Protective Carrying Case
  • 3 eartips: Small, Medium, Large

Specs Taken From and The Product Box

MSRP: $79.99

  • Neodymium Magnet Speaker: 15/7mm 
  • Magnetostrictive Linx  Coil
  • Impedance (1kHz): 24Ω ± 15%
  • Frequency response: 8 Hz ~ 20kHz
  • Sensitivity at 1 kHz: 100 dB/mW 
  • Plug: 3.5mm
  • Award Winning Sound Quality & Speech Clarity 
  • Linx Audio creates higher frequency harmonics
  • Filters undesirable sound
  • Increased Perceived Loudness Without Increasing Volume


  • Patented Linx Audio® a Hear the Difference® technology
  • Triple-element architecture 
  • ComfortFit™ sound isolation tips block exterior sound and create a custom fit for maximum comfort
  • Ultra-Lightweight design
  • Premium brushed aluminum finish
  • Multi-function controller with microphone
  • -  Play, pause and advance music
  • -  Answer and hang up calls

Sony MDR-NC40 Review

Sony MDR-NC40A little more magic of noise cancellation

Sony mdr-nc40 is the fifth model from the house of Sony offering the latest sound capturing facilities. It is better known to people as noise cancellation facilities. The benefit is you can listen to music in noisy streets as well. It is a light weight version of the Sony headphones. Battery life is up to 40 hrs, which is really impressive.

Most of the reviews for Sony mdr-nc40 tell you the same thing. It does not meet up expectation of the Sony followers. Although this is the fifth model of headphones launched by the electronic leaders of the world, this model is not much updated from the older versions of the same. Even, reports of sound licks and haze have been received from the users. The product is not worth of its price.


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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Sony MDR-NC40: The noise cancellation headphone review

Light weight advantage mingled with noise cancellation technology

I have to start with a negative remark on Sony MDR-NC40. The noise cancellation trait, which is the USP of the Sony earphone models, is less effective from the previous models of the Sony headphones. Consumers really expected more from this updated model. One sure shot advantage and step up is the increment of portability of the gadget. This model is much portable when compared to the previous versions of noise cancellation headphones.

Getting back to the original trait of Sony mdr-nc40, you can expect to lock up to 80% sound while the gadget is on. However, it may be sufficient when you try to listen to music in a noise ambience.  Sound quality is not the best Sony has offered till now. But yes, the portability factor is obviously more enhanced than before.

Sony mdr-nc40 noise cancelling headphones come in attractive carry cases. These gadgets have smart folding designs that make it even more portable. The pressure relieving ear cushion is great to provide you with the optimum listening comfort.

A shortage of feature of Sony mdr-nc40 may be that the sound clarity is not good when the noise cancelling mode is switched off. Thus, it is difficult to play on with the device when this feature is switched off.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Type: Supra-aural
Product dimensions: 10.8 x 7 x 4.5 inches
Sealing: Open
Noise Cancelling: Yes
Maximum SPL: 102 dB
Impedance: 68 ohms
Weight: 2.82 oz
The price for this product is $60 – $65, depending on the dealer you buy from.

See the Amazon website for Sony MDR-NC40

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Sony MDR-EX500LP Review

Sony MDR-EX500LPLight weight headphone revolution achieved

Sony MDR-EX500LP is an unusual set of headphone having extremely light weight. This small gadget is yet very high end sound wise. More satisfyingly, the price range suits young budget easily. The dynamic transducer is another unique feature of this model that takes it far ahead of the previous models. Even the low bass frequencies are handled with minimum distortion.

These headphones do not properly catch the mid-range all the times. The cords are not adequately long. Plus, the carry case looks nice but they may not be practical in many use situations.


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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Sony MDR-EX500LP headphone review

Best sound with minimum vibration and noise

Sony MDR-EX500LP headphones are latest models having light weight appearance. These headphones are perfect manifestation of style and audio experience. The portability factor enables you carrying the sets wherever you go and whatever you do.

The light weight Sony MDR-EX500LP sets come in different colors. This set also consists of three ear bud sizes ranging from small, medium and large. Thus, the headphone is suited for almost every year regardless of age.

The sound capacity of the headphones is also nice. This set also provides for minimum sound leakage by offering optimum sound clarity. The earphone has an excellent separation and builds quality. The 13.5mm drivers lay flat on the ear and evoke crystal clear sound into the listening ears. Low bass frequencies are also handled best with minimum distortion. A multi-layer diaphragm creates high resolution sound.

You can easily experience a studio quality audio with these tiny headphones. The sets enable you tuning in manually for the perfect sound quality. And the multiple-layer diaphragms efficiently prevent sound distortion.

Sony MDR-EX500LP consists of an aluminum housing and closed vertical in-ear design. This feature helps to reduce vibration effectively and creates room for a noise free comfortable audio experience for long time. The headphones are available widely allover and they are the most reasonable high quality sets available at this point of time.

The looks or the appearance of the headphones are quite smart. They come in smart color and the carry case of the same is also smarter with a leather finish.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Product dimensions: 5.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches; 5.6 ounces
Headphone type: Semi in-ear ear-bud
Headphone technology: Binaural
Frequency response: 4 Hz- 28 kHz
Speaker: Dynamic Transducer
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 108 dB SPL
The price for Sony MDR-EX500LP ranges from $75 – $85.  

See the Amazon website for Sony MDR-EX500LP

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Sony MDR-EX300LP Review

Sony MDR-EX300LPThe new look light weight headphones

These new style headphones are real portable. They are quite light weight and appear to be much attractive as well.  This headphone has a unique feature naming “vertical in the ear” having a large driver for higher quality audio.

This high-end Sony MDR-EX300LP has also some limitations. The headphone may not appear to be perfect for the bass-addict music lovers. Besides, the model offers only 3 sizes of ear tips that may not fit into all ears. The soft case of the ear phones is also delicate to handle.  These headphones are also not much good for long usage.

Price range for this product is $49.27 – $67.02.


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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Sony MDR-EX300LP the light model review

Cool designs for funky music lovers

We need the headphones constantly at various occasions these days. And we prefer the light weight headphones mostly as we can carry them everywhere. Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones are exactly the same models that the generation look for today.  This headphone is best use for chamber music, symphonic, vocal music, jazz and American songbook.

The Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones are the right choice when you are travelling and listening to music. These light weight headphones look attractive and come in two different colors.

Cords of Sony MDR-EX300LP are other special features of these headphones.

The unique earbuds consist of removable hybrid silicone rubber tips. These rubber tips come in three different sizes and provide you with high quality audio experience.  A rigid internal silicone is built in this headphone to prevent sound leakage successfully.

The Sony MDR-EX300LP is the price EX-series headphones that come at reasonable prices without compromising high sound quality. Andy Bubala, director of marketing for audio accessory products at Sony Electronics comments,”  We are constantly expanding our lineup of premium headphones……….earbud headphones continue to grow in popularity , as our customers are demanding better fashion and style, in addition to audio quality.”

Many of the users leave warm comments on the sound quality and the comfortable listening experience with these Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones. However, many of them is also of the opinion that device loses clarity at low dB. The low mids also get somewhat muddy with this headphone.

The Sony MDR-EX300LP headphones are mostly use and throw sets. You can use them mostly for three to six months if used extensively.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Product name: Sony MDR-EX300LP
Integrated microphone: no
Cord length: 49 inches
Plug type: mini (1/8”)
Integrated volume control: no
Weight: 0.5 oz.

See the Amazon website for Sony MDR-EX300LP

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Sony MDR-EX90LP Review


The X-factor of Sony MDR-EX90LP is its excellent clarity, the minute details which it covers and the effective bass response. Along with all these, its black and silver design is something which is going to grab the eye-balls.

The problem with Sony MDR-EX90LP is its silicone ear fittings which might not fit your ear properly. Apart from that the bad news is that it doesn’t have any cable extender which will support you at home listening.

Price for this product starts at $149.95.

Thanks Sony for MDR-EX90LP
Well, the most exciting thing about Sony MDR-EX90LP is the price tag attached with it. It only costs $100 and the good thing about this ear buds is it gives you an enriching musical experience.

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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Sony MDR-EX90LP Review

The Sony MDR-EX90LP ear buds are designed in a very special way, which has given them a good name and so they are considered as a good headphones.

Well, now it’s hard to believe that Sony Doesn’t need any Brand Ambassador to popularize it’s products as the name “Sony”  is enough to capture the market.

And one of the major reasons behind Sony’s success is its well designed and quality headphones.

Now, one of the most popular products of Sony is its latest and affordable ear buds is the MDR-EX90LP with its special case. The USP of this Ear bud is its comfortable fit, stylish design and top quality audio, making them the only best choice for any music lovers.

Most attractive thing of MDR-EX90LP is it’s combo of black and silver accenting around the ear bud. You just don’t need to worry about the length of the cord as it’s around four feet long, giving you the option to carry the cable comfortably as long as you want. This length is just apt for on-the go use but can create problems if you wish to listen it on your PC or music system.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Sensitivity: 106 dB
Frequency Response: 5 Hz – 25,000 Hz
Impedence: 16 ohms
Driver Unit: 13.5 mm
Cord type:-OFZ Litz neck chain cord
Magnet: 300 kj/m3Neodymium
The Sony MDR-EX90LP is one of the best available products among all the other available earphones in the market. They are a must buy for every music lover.

See the Amazon website for Sony MDR-EX90LP

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Sennheiser CX 400-ii Review

Sennheiser CX 400-iiListening to music is more comfortable

The Sennheiser CX 400-ii ear – canal headphones is has a dynamic speaker system that allows the music aficionados to have a superb musical experiment. The ear adaptors coming in a variety of sizes for custom fit allows you to listen to music more comfortably. The headphones also have a warranty of two years.

Even though, the sound quality is superb, yet there are some complains about mild complains from the bass.

The new Sennheiser CX 400-ii is moderately priced so that it can be used by all. Comfortable and having a snug fit, the headphones are every listeners’ delight. Having a frequency response of 17 to 22,000 Hz, the headphones are a must have for all.
Price for this product starts at $61.

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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

The Sennheiser CX 400-ii review

Quality sound paying a small price

The Sennheiser CX 400-ii ear – canal headphones is a treat for the music aficionados who want to upgrade the sound quality of their portable music player.

The headphones have a superior music resolution with high – end dynamic speakers that have neodymium magnets which is tuned for natural sound production.

The headphones have ear adaptors that come in three different sizes – small, medium and large – to give you a custom fit. The ear – canal design of the headphones have an excellent ability to reduce the environmental noise so that you can listen to disturbance free music.

The each pair of headphones comes with a cable winder, a cable clip and a comfortable carrying pouch. Having a gold plated jack plug of 3.5 mm (angled) with a symmetrical cable of length of 1.2 m, the Sennheiser CX 400-ii ear phones are easy to use. Having a volume control integrated in the cable, the Sennheiser CX 400-ii ear – canal headphones is a listeners’ delight.

The Sennheiser CX 400-ii ear phones are designed in such a way so that it can be easily used with a wide range of portable music players like the MP3 players, CD players, Apple products like the iPod and the iPhone and even with portable gaming systems. The headphones have a warranty for two years which is very helpful.

The Sennheiser CX 400-ii ear – canal headphones are also available in different varieties. There is the Sennheiser CX 400-ii Precision in white, the Sennheiser CX 400-ii Precision in titanium, the Sennheiser CX 400-ii Precision in black.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Speaker: High end dynamic speakers with Neodymium magnets
Cable length: 3.9 ft. (1.2 m) Symmetrical cable
Accessories: 3 sets of ear bud gels S/M/L, cable clip, cable winder and carry bag.
Frequency response: 17-22,000 Hz, Jack plug 3.5 mm. Impedance 16 Ohm, 2-year warranty

See the Amazon website for Sennheiser CX 400-ii

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Panasonic RP-HC55 Review

Panasonic RP-HC55Clear sound with active cancellers at a surprisingly economical price

The headphones are quite solid and boast of an interesting shape that gives a unique touch to it. The superior isolation score makes sure the active noise cancellation technology works really well. It is one of the most economical active-cancellers available in the market.

The audio quality could have been better. The pendant is not located at a strategic place which robs off the comfort factor to a considerable extent.

The Panasonic RP-HC55 headphones promise decent audio experience along with durability and comfort. The active noise cancellation is, probably, its most remarkable feature. The long battery life makes it a sensible choice to go for.

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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Panasonic RP-HC55 Review

The Panasonic RP-HC55 boasts of boxy ear buds while the nozzle is angular. The angled nozzle helps in letting the ear buds stay in the ear instead of popping out. The headphones are high on durability. The cord guards effectively do the job of stopping the cable from unnecessary bending.

The active cancellation feature is something that makes it stand apart from the rest. It works really well so that the headphones prove to be successful in shielding you from all kinds of outside noises. The isolation enables you to listen to your favorite tracks smoothly while commuting to work on crowded trains and buses.

One of the most promising aspects of the Panasonic RP-HC55 headphones is its remarkably long battery life. One AAA promises around 110 hours of non-stop music. That adds up to almost four and a half days of continuous music. You get the customary large, medium and small soft plastic sleeves with the headphones along with a neck split that can be adjusted according to your convenience. Moreover, it does help that these headphones come at a surprisingly economical price range of $60 – $70.

The audio quality, however, is just about average. The frequency response is not up to the mark. Also, the control pendant is a bit of a bother. Along with making the headphones heavier, they look awkward when you wear them.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Sensitivity: 105 dB/mW
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 20kHz
Impedance: 103 ohm/1khz
Color: Silver
Magnet Type: Neodymium
Cord Length: 2.3/0.7 (ft. /m.) 

See the Amazon website for Panasonic RP-HC55

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JVC HA-NC250 Review

JVC HA-NC250Use JVC HA-NC250 head phone to avoid back ground sound

JVC HA-NC250 headphone contains a noise cancellation circuitry.  Within a very affordable price listening music will go up to a very superior level with this device. Your joy will be enhanced with no background noise giving a superior listening experience.

JVC HA-NC250 headphone possesses a problem with buzzing. The clarity hampers while you are being shaken.

JVC HA-NC250 headphone assures to provide 85% external ambient noise clearance while listening to music. Its feedback technology gives to two JVC pioneering developments helping the listener to be isolated from external noises. This strong monitoring system constantly tries to provide more clarity to the music avoiding other sounds.

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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

JVC HA-NC250 headphone Review

Add another level of joy while listening to music with JVC HA-NC250 headphone

For any music lover who prefer to feel the essence of music suffers from the outside noise. JVC HA-NC250 headphone is an incredible device that keeps away almost 85% of noise. This device is very much light just 5.3 ounces in weight and you will not feel any irritation as this device does not fit very tight.

This is qualitatively very high and affordable in price. A 1.5-volt triple A battery runs for the 50 hours. It keeps you entertaining for a long time constantly without having any interruption from outside noise. Listening music reaches a level of real relaxation releasing all worries.

Another important factor is that it’s very easy to carry. Sometimes carrying a headphone becomes difficult but with JVC HA-NC250, it is not an issue altogether. An ear pad comes with this headphone that smoothes the comfort zone more. 40mm neodymium driver gives the best quality sound. You can fold it in flat making this the slimmer one than most competing models in the market. It comes with a kit incorporating a slim case along with a four-foot removable cord. A dual plug adapter is an additional one.

Price for a JVC HA-NC250 product starts from $99.99.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Frequency Response: 8-24,000Hz
Noise Reduction: 18dB at 150Hz (85%)
Driver Unit: 40.0mm
Input Impedance: 40 Ohms (On), 96 Ohms (Off)
Magnet Type:     Neodymium
Power Supply: AAA Battery (DC 1.5V) x1
Sensitivity: 102dB/1mW (On), 100dB/1mW(Off)
Battery Life: 50 Hours (Using Alkaline Battery)
Weight (without cord): 150g (With Battery)
Cord Length:     3.94 Feet (Detachable)
Connector: iPhone compatible, Gold Plated

See the Amazon website for JVC HA-NC250

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JVC HA-FX300 Review

JVC HA-FX300Where entertainment mixes up with style and comfort

JVC HA-FX300 is a stylish headphone with earbuds design leaving a mark in comparison with the other competitors. It keeps its promise for a better audio quality. This earbuds are stout enough as far as its performance is concerned. With the exceptional cool look and to quality performance this earbuds give an additional level of aesthetics to you experience of listening to music.

Some comments come against JVC HA-FX300 just because of its slippery body.

JVC HA-FX300 provides a lifetime experience of Listening to music with style. This high tech headphone features an aluminum evaporation diaphragm. This is an innovative solution of getting an accurate high proficient audio.  The stainless steel body with its wrapped gravity brass ring allows less energy loss.
The price range for JVC HA-FX300  is from $53.99 to $99.95.

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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

JVC HA-FX300 headphone Review

Listen music with elevated cool looking earbuds

JVC HA-FX300 comes with a package that includes 3.28ft cord in a zipped storage case. The comfort level increases with the three pairs of silicon ear pieces in three different sizes incorporating small, medium and large. This device gives an additional comfort level that uplifts the level of entertainment with your favorite music.

The catchiest part of JVC HA-FX300 is its cool look. Its looks is really adds something more with style to your listening to music. This dashing looks come in three various colors Red, Black and Gold.

All this comes with a very affordable price. This good price of JVC HA-FX300 along with its accessories appeals more to the users. It comes with the clarity and a high-quality sound. This is a very light weight device making the process very easy to carry while you are travelling. These high performance sonic buds soothes ear with absolute dashing style. The comfort and the style are the key factors for which people can expense their money. Listening to music can goes up to a very enhanced level giving an exceptional experience of entertainment. The combination of style and clarity of sound is really something for which music lovers cherish.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

•    Frequency Response: 8 – 25000 Hz
•    Driver Unit: 8.5mm
•    Input Impedance: 16ohms
•    Sensitivity: 100 dB/mW
•    Weight (without cord): 0.2 oz
•    Cord Length:     1 x Headphones cable – 3.3 ft

See the Amazon website for JVC HA-FX300

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Grado SR60i Review

Grado SR60iGreat value for your price

Grado SR60i headphones can be your favorite for a number of reasons.  Not for its down to earth price but at the same time, its funky style may impress you the best. People just love these headphones for their reasonable price and multi-function facilities. This headphone set can be used for multiple purposes. Thus, real value for the price you pay for this headphone.

Well, some drawbacks of the Grado SR60i headphone sets might disappoint you as well. First, these headphones are not befitting when you are outside. Next, the thick cable and the open design of this headphone set may create obstacles sometimes.

Grado SR60i is priced at $79.00.

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Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Grado SR60i cheapest headphone review

Latest headphone of style and simplicity

The latest Grado SR60i series headphones are combination of great style and audio comfort. They can be easily won by you for their handsome price and popular availability at all the leading stores. This headphone, despite of its low price covers up most of the latest audio features and satisfy the listeners with the optimum sound clarity.

Do you want to attach a headphone with the media players? Grado SR60i series are the best suited headphones for this purpose. They can be used simply with the basic sources or amplification like those of portable media players.

The Grado SR60i series provide you with a great balance of sound transmission. While the high bass are caught rightfully, the mid ranges are equally melodious. The headphone offers excellent sound clarity and noise free listening capacity.

This Grado SR60i headphone although looks heavier, they are quite light weight when compared to most of the headphones available recently all around. The gadget is simple to use and fit for all ears.

One major drawback of the Grado SR60i headphone is that you have to leave this gadget just when you step outside. They do not consist of noise cancelling modes befitting for outside audio listening. This absent feature takes it back to the retro ages of the headphones. Thus, you ought to arrange for a separate headphone for outside use.

Another loop hole of the Grado SR60i headphones is that they can be sibilant when they are driven poorly. The ear pads become somewhat uncomfortable after prolonged use.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Product name: Grado SR60i
Product type: dynamic open air headphones
Driver matching: within ‡0.1dB
Frequency range: 20Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 98dB SPL for 1mV input
Nominal impedance: 32 ohms
Price: $79/pair. Large Grado ear pads: $15-$20.
Driver matched db: 1

See the Amazon website for Grado SR60i

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