Motorola HT280 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

Motorola HT280 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo HeadphonesCan You Really Picture a Cylon with These

Bluetooth-enabled means no more cables. Long battery life. Call quality is quite good and in stereo. Less likely to get pulled over now on the Turnpike because you are talking on your phone. Nobody on your block is likely to have these yet.

More likely to get pulled over on the Turnpike because you look like a Cylon. Hard to get working with some phones. Begin to hurt after about thirty minutes. Expensive. Drop-out issues.

The HT280 are not quite ready for primetime. The fit and comfort issues would be easier to accept if this was $29.00. Getting this to work with the appropriate phone was a chore.

Check the Amazon website here for more information on this product.

Motorola HT280 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: The Cylons have Arrived Listening to Akon?

Bluetooth-enabled stereo headphones dish out the tunes and let you answer incoming calls with a certain…ahem, degree of flare.

Laws banning the use of cell phones while you drive have become quite common all over North America, and it is hard to argue with those who claim that most people have enough problems driving, let alone drive and talk on the phone at the same time. As someone who averages seventy-five miles per hour in the right lane, I can tell you that they are dead on in their argument. The wireless Bluetooth headset was a brilliant invention to deal with this problem. I can now drive even faster and talk.

That of course created another social problem.

The annoying person with the flashing blue light on their ear.

I actually know people who wear their Bluetooth headset so much, that it has become part of their anatomy. They would fall asleep with these things still on and pulsating, waiting for that next important phone call, if their families did not object.

Don’t you hate people who appear to be talking to you, but are actually talking to someone else on their Bluetooth headset?
What is up with that?

In theory, the Motorola HT280 is a brilliant idea. Kill two birds with one stone. Take calls from your lawyer and listen to Prince on the same device.

The headband on the HT280 reminds me of a good pair of sunglasses I used to wear playing baseball; unless you take long-term comfort and coolness into account.

After reading the manual (always a bad move, I know), it took almost twenty attempts before the HT280 would synchronize up with my LG Bluetooth-enabled phone. I bought it because it was designed to work with Motorola Bluetooth headsets, so the connection issues were frustrating.

Finally, after getting it to work, I realized that I would have to download some music to my phone before I could hear anything. More money spent.
Needless to say, I was not impressed with the set-up of this device.

When I did it to work, the HT280 sounded merely okay as a pair of headphones. It felt so awkward on my head, that I took it off after ten minutes. I know that Etymotic has taken some heat for the design of their Bluetooth-enabled headphones, and I think Motorola must have used the same designer.

As I was about to pack the entire thing up and take it back, a call came in over the headphones.


“Hello? Anybody there?”



Where to Purchase:

Check Out the the Amazon Website Here.

Technical Info:

Brand: Motorola
Model: HT280 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
Talk time: approximately 17 hours
Standby time: approximately 500 hours
Music time: approximately 12 hours
Dimensions: 165 x 165 x 63.5mm
Weight: 100g
Price: $119.99

See the Amazon website for Motorola HT280 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones