Grado SR80i Review

Grado SR80iPursue an excellent audio experience with Grado SR80i

Sound quality is the main target to search for while purchasing any headphone and in this term Grado SR80i qualifies grand mark. This cost conscious audiophile is very much popular due to its comfort level.

Grado SR80i is not so stylish. It is more conventional in its appearance.

Best sound is the main target while buying any headphone and Grado SR80i completely fulfills the expectation of its users. The exceptional comfort while fitting it on your head is something extra. Headphones have become an inextricable part of our lives. Wearing it constantly on our head may be a little hectic with some devices. Grado SR80i gives a relief with any such uncomfortability. This fits and satisfies everyone with their own budget and demand.

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Grado SR80i headphone Review

Sound clarity is the ultimate word for Grado SR80i

Sound clarity is the last for Grado SR80i. This gives revolutionary poise between the upper and
lower frequencies. This provides an improved bass quality. This device controls the ambient distortions with a better housing structure that is completely redesigned.

Grado SR80i gives an outstanding audio experience with resonant distortion functionality using a 4 conductor connecting cable. The larger sized ear cushions with its two pivot points give an exceptional level of audio listening experience. Its exceptional resonance really brings the world of music with an extra special effect.

Grado SR80i is well known for its durability and the exceptional comfort. It has wonderfully systematic pivot points allowing the users to collapse the device while travelling. There is no such problem you need to face while packing your luggage for any trip with this device. This is very much portable. It use of this device is very easy in any portable player or any home equipments. This is no doubt a wonderful product from the Grado family. This is an exceptional piece of design engineering and quality audio gear with maximum sound performance. Te specifications of this device assure maximum performance and durability.

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Technical Info:

Frequency Response: 2 20 – 20000 Hz 0-20
Input Impedance: 32 Ohm
Sensitivity: 98 dB/mW
Weight (without cord): 200 g (With Battery)
Cord Length:     6 feet 

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Grado SR60i Review

Grado SR60iGreat value for your price

Grado SR60i headphones can be your favorite for a number of reasons.  Not for its down to earth price but at the same time, its funky style may impress you the best. People just love these headphones for their reasonable price and multi-function facilities. This headphone set can be used for multiple purposes. Thus, real value for the price you pay for this headphone.

Well, some drawbacks of the Grado SR60i headphone sets might disappoint you as well. First, these headphones are not befitting when you are outside. Next, the thick cable and the open design of this headphone set may create obstacles sometimes.

Grado SR60i is priced at $79.00.

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Grado SR60i cheapest headphone review

Latest headphone of style and simplicity

The latest Grado SR60i series headphones are combination of great style and audio comfort. They can be easily won by you for their handsome price and popular availability at all the leading stores. This headphone, despite of its low price covers up most of the latest audio features and satisfy the listeners with the optimum sound clarity.

Do you want to attach a headphone with the media players? Grado SR60i series are the best suited headphones for this purpose. They can be used simply with the basic sources or amplification like those of portable media players.

The Grado SR60i series provide you with a great balance of sound transmission. While the high bass are caught rightfully, the mid ranges are equally melodious. The headphone offers excellent sound clarity and noise free listening capacity.

This Grado SR60i headphone although looks heavier, they are quite light weight when compared to most of the headphones available recently all around. The gadget is simple to use and fit for all ears.

One major drawback of the Grado SR60i headphone is that you have to leave this gadget just when you step outside. They do not consist of noise cancelling modes befitting for outside audio listening. This absent feature takes it back to the retro ages of the headphones. Thus, you ought to arrange for a separate headphone for outside use.

Another loop hole of the Grado SR60i headphones is that they can be sibilant when they are driven poorly. The ear pads become somewhat uncomfortable after prolonged use.

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Technical Info:

Product name: Grado SR60i
Product type: dynamic open air headphones
Driver matching: within ‡0.1dB
Frequency range: 20Hz-20 kHz
Sensitivity: 98dB SPL for 1mV input
Nominal impedance: 32 ohms
Price: $79/pair. Large Grado ear pads: $15-$20.
Driver matched db: 1

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Grado SR325i Headphones

Grado SR325i Headphones

Very detailed presentation that puts you in the front row. Great quality and durability. Very dynamic presentation. Can be used with portable players. Construction allows you to lay them down flat for travel.

Detailed presentation may be too much for some listeners. Forward-sounding balance might put some closer to the action than they are used to. Expensive. Need a good headphone amplifier to really be worth it.

The top model in the Grado Prestige line is capable of serious jaw-dropping sonics, and they are built to last forever. If you can deal with a slightly hot top end and presentation that puts you right there, these may be your ideal headphones.

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Grado SR325i Headphones: Detail Galore!

One of the detail champions of the headphone world, the SR325i open up the door to sounds on recordings you've never heard..

Grado Labs’ headphones have a distinct flavor to them. Some people love the Grado sound. Some folks do not. Having owned a pair of Grado headphones for more than ten years, I certainly fall into the “love” category. Manufactured in Brooklyn, the SR325i are built with an attention to detail that has made them legendary when it comes to durability. Ten years for a $60 pair of headphones that have more miles on them then most human beings, is impressive in my book. I have a hard time believing that the more expensive 325i would not last just as long as my SR60’s.

The construction quality of these is really quite superb. The drivers are matched to 0.5 dB, and the voice coils are from Grado’s oxygen-free copper. The cable is made from the same copper and attaches to both earpieces. The Grado headband is a love/hate thing with many people. It is a simple piece of metal covered with leather that is quite flexible, but also somewhat uncomfortable unless you gently bend the headband to get it to conform to your noggin. The height adjusters swivel which is a great feature because you can turn the aluminum alloy-covered earcups a full 360 degrees and lay them down flat in a bag.

The SR325i’s cable is terminated with a full-size ¼” stereo plug, which means that you cannot plug these into the iPod unless you order the optional 1/8” mini-jack plug from Grado or one of their supporting retailers. It really should come as part of the package considering the cost.

On some models, such as the SR325i (the “i” stands for “improved”), the Grado sound is taken to another level with more detail, greater bass extension, and an enhanced sense of clarity across the midrange that does not sacrifice the tonal beauty that Grado headphones are known for. The SR325i are a tad too forward sounding for my liking, but I can understand why detail monsters love these headphones. If it is on the recording, you will hear it through the 325i. The bass extension is very solid; resolute, taut, and extended. If you favor vocals, the midrange of the Grado headphones is not going to disappoint you. Grado headphones remind me a great deal of their place of birth. Brooklyn. Many interesting people reside in Brooklyn. Colorful folks with something to say. Always. The best pizza in New York is in Brooklyn, so these earn an extra point just for that association. DiFarra cannot be touched.

One area where the SR325i are a tad too revealing is in the top end. There is so much detail coming out of these drivers that it can become fatiguing after awhile at higher listening levels. At lower levels, it does not bother me as much, but I do know that it exists. Bright sounding recordings might become less popular in your rotation if you crank these too loudly.

While they are certainly easy enough to drive with an iPod, I would highly recommend a good headphone amplifier with these. Look for something with a firm grasp of the midrange and sweetened top end. The combination might be utterly fantastic.

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Technical Info

Brand: Ultrasone
Model: HFI-700
Impedance: 75 ohms
Frequency response: 10 Hz – 25,000 Hz
Sound Pressure Level: 96 dB
Coupler Size: Large
Cord Type: Straight Left-Side
Ear Coupler Type: Full-Size
Acoustic Seal: Sealed
Connector Type: 1/8" with 1/4" adaptor
Detachable Cable: No
Driver Type: Dynamic
Cord Length: 12 ft.
Weight: 12.3 oz
Price: $249.00

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