Sony MDR-NC50

Sony MDR-NC50Noise cancelling headphones, great for travel at a cheap price

With the detachable cord, included case, and swivel earcups, the Sony MDR-NC50s are a perfect set of noise-cancelling headphones for home or travel. Lose white noise without having to lose too much from your wallet.

A noise-cancelling device that produces noise is a bit conflicting. If you’re a person with limited head motion, you may not notice the creaking plastic. Nevertheless, this detracts from an otherwise exceptional product.

If you’re looking to rid excess noise from your listening experience, the Sony MDR-NC50s are an excellent choice for the budget minded shopper. The irritation from creaking plastic is minor and far from constant.

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Reduce the Noise, Keep the Cash

Great noise-cancelling technology for the price… so long as they’re not creating noise of their own.

I ran the noise-cancelling feature through an auditory gauntlet; three flights, an old lawn mower, and a wood chipper (after my ear plugs didn't turn up). Without any music playing I was able to fall asleep on two of the flights. Music was audible while trimming the yard unlike any ear buds, and there was no residual buzzing after several trees met their demise in my chipper.

The earcups are big enough to satisfy Dopey and are quite comfortable.  I have found that smaller, more discrete versions tend to become uncomfortable after shorter stints.  The cups also feature a button to temporarily disable the noise-cancelling and music so you do not have to remove the set if someone must interrupt your listening experience.

Storage for transportation begins with complete removal of the cable.  Both cups turn in, flattening the unit nicely and guarding it against the crushing weight of the excessive contents in my book bag.  The case is quite rugged and allows for storage of a battery, all accessories, and, of course, the headphones.

The ironic downside of this device which is otherwise intended to reduce noise is that it actually creates noise of its own.  The plastic construction often produces a slight squeaking when moving your head.  However, I did not find it to be enough of a distraction to raise much of a fuss.

Overall, the sound quality of MP3s is well preserved.  The highs, mids, and lows are all quite satisfactory.  Volume is slightly reduced during noise cancelling, but that makes sense: less noise should require less volume.  Personally, at the price you can pick these headphones up for, I'm pleased as a pig in a substance pigs would be pleased to be in.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Brand: Sony
Model: MDR-NC50
Impedance: 40 ohms
Detachable Cable: Yes
Ear Coupler Type: Cup
Driver Unit: 40mm
Frequency Response: 14Hz – 22,000Hz
Noise reduction: 14dB at 300Hz
Price: $199.99

See the Amazon website for Sony MDR-NC50

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