Skullcandy TI Review

Skullcandy TIPerfect for gen-x with its trendy appearance

The conventional way of describing a headphone can be changed with Skullcandy TI. Trendy is just the word to describe a headphone. This exception can only be done in a spontaneous way with this device. This attracts the young generation with its appealing looks along with perfect sound clarity.

Many people do not like this exceptional trendy design but those are only exceptional in comparison with Skullcandy TI huge demand on market.

Price range for this product is $40 – $55

We prefer to buy a comparable headphone if we need to wear them for a long time. a old fashioned conventional look may hamper the enjoyment for many. Skullcandy TI is perfect for a long time wear with its trendy look and an outstanding sound clarity.

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Skullcandy TI headphone Review

Wearing for the day is just a joyful entertainment

Skullcandy TI is a favourite for the travelers specifically just because of its durability. Most interesting, its comfort is enhanced with the padding of the ear cups and the head strap over the head is made of leather. This is the protection process of the original part. The cups can be swipe almost 90 degrees. This flexibility is something very essential for DJs or the persons may face several oddly positioned ears.

Nobody can question on the comfort factor of Skullcandy TI. Most of us prefer to listen to music for a long time. Wearing an uncomfortable device over our head for a long time is very irritating and this minimizes the satisfaction of entertainment. Even this device does not give much pressure to the ears as well. There are many headphones that create neck ache heavily. There is not such uncomfortable factor if someone wants to use this device for the whole day without any pause. Most of the people want to wear a headphone in work place just to avoid any other sound leakage just to concentrate more on the work. Skullcandy TI is just the perfect for using for the whole day.

Clarity is very high level. It can give mis to high end sound reproduction in a very clean manner. Minimum sound degradation is required with high volume levels. There will be no such audible hissing and it paves the path of listening quiet music without any sound trouble.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Speaker Diameter: 40mm
Magnet Type: NdFeB
Frequency Range: 16 – 20K Hz
Impedance: 32/50 ohms
Max Input Power: 400mW
Cable Type: OFC
Cable Length: 1.2M
Plug Type: 3.5mm gold plated
Accessory: 3.5-6.33mm adaptor

See the Amazon website for Skullcandy TI

See More Images and Product Detail on This Product Page

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