Roc Nation Aviator White Headphone Review

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Roc Nation Aviator Headphones have a very beautiful design with surprisingly great sound, high quality speakers and soft, comfortable ear cups.


The cable and connectors a are bit flimsy, they're kinda costly and the headband is a bit cheap and uncomfortable.

The Roc Nation Aviator White sounds as good as it looks, which means that Skullcandy is getting better every day at melding physical beauty with audio perfection. Still, this is definitely not a perfect headset and, at a price approaching two hundred bucks, it may be difficult for some to justify the purchase. Those that can afford it will most likely not be disappointed, though.

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Roc Nation Aviator White Headphone Review

Stay Fly

There are many headsets out there, but you'd be hard pressed to find one more beautiful than the Roc Nation Aviator White. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Skullcandy, the company responsible for this lovely alabaster model. Skullcandy has always had an eye for the physically attractive and nearly all of their electronics accessories have this kind of aesthetic charm. But still, stylish looks will only get you so far. How does the Aviator handle the all-important task of sound quality?

Refreshingly, it seems that Skullcandy's latest entry sounds as good as it looks. The difference between mids and highs is wonderfully clear and complex and the bass is rich and earthy without being too powerful. Skullcandy was never known for delivering superior audio (they've always been more about looks) and so it is very nice to see features like optics inspired polycarbonate and a 40mm speaker diameter.

As for comfort, again the Roc Nation hits the mark easily. The ear cups are soft yet durable and feel very comfortable on the ear. The headband is a bit flimsy and leaves a little to be desired, though. Also, the cables and the jack seem to be a little cheap as well. They ought to do the job just fine if you treat them with care but it would be nice to have stronger, more rugged cables and connectors. Especially when you look at the rather high price tag. In the end, that price tag is what it all comes down to. Is the Roc Nation Aviator White worth its suggested $180 price? The answer is this: Barely. Many high quality headsets cost upwards of $250 and some of those are only microscopically better than Skullcandy's entry here. Though there is a bit left to be desired, this is still one of the few headsets that sound as good as they look.

Technical Info:

MSRP: $179.99
Frequency Response: 20-20k Hz
Optics-inspired polycarbonate speaker housing
1.3m cable length
Contour fit
Premium polished surface

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