Sennheiser RS 180

Sennheiser RS 180Circumaural design for a perfect sound

Sennheiser RS 180 is an excellent sound source. With a wide, circumaural design, the headphones can “breath”, offering the clearest sounds with automatic volume control.

The controls are designed poorly and raise difficulties when using the device. Also, the battery life is supposed to be long enough, but it can drain in less than four hours.

The device is no disappointment in terms of audio quality and the technology used, but it lacks at the usability level. The volume controls of Sennheiser RS 180 makes one wonder what was in the mind of its creators when designed. Also, the model has no noise canceling features, which comes as an important deficiency when considering the price.

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Sennheiser RS 180

Quality sound and quiet listening

Sennheiser RS 180 is a system of headphones that uses digital wireless technology and offers a good sound standard. However, it is not preferable to other similar products, as it requires quality music files for the sound to be of quality too and for the listener not to hear the compression distortions. On the other hand, the headphones’ signal continues to work properly even when separated by a wall from the transmitter, without interruptions or distortions.

The volume controller is defect and has a too large dimension when compared to the rest of the controllers. Also, during the first 30 minutes or so of use one can hear often beeps, but the device then works normally. The model is satisfactory when listening to music, but the sound interrupts from time to time when watching movies (as it looks that there is a minimum sound level under which interruptions occur; by increasing the source’s volume, he problem disappears).

When it comes to the design, the headband is easily adjustable making the headphones both stable and comfortable to wear.

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Technical Info:

Technology: Wireless
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Frequency range: 18 Hz – 21000 Hz
Sensitivity: 110 dB
Microphone: Not integrated
Battery life: 24 hours
MSRP: $389.95

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