Sennheiser PMX 60 Review

Sennheiser PMX 60Great neckband design and sound quality for listening to music!

With Sennheiser PMX-60 headphones, users get a dynamic device that fits a wide series of portable audio sources. The sound reproduction is suitable especially for listening to rock and pop music. Also, the frequency response is based on great technology, making the product extremely advantageous for the price it costs.

Although the sound quality for listening to music is quite impressive, using the Sennheiser PMX 60 headset sometimes means experiencing sound leaking problems and poor sound isolation. More than that, the cord is quite short, not allowing enough freedom to users.

The Sennheiser PMX-60 headphones are preferred by many users instead of other similar products that are compatible with portable audio devices. The tests show good capacities when compared to the cost, making this product a compromise product that offers good standards for home users.

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Sennheiser PMX 60

Rock and pop music sounds better with Sennheiser PMX 60!

While the Sennheiser PMX60 headset cannot be described as a professional device, the product offers good standards to its users.

Its cord is quite little, but this is not necessarily a big issue as longer cords can be attached.

The internal and external isolation feature could be improved as the listener can hear the surrounding noise and others can also hear the sound reproduced by the headphones. When it comes to the sound quality the Sennheiser PMX 60 headphones can be used when watching movies or playing games but without amazing sound effects being properly reproduced, as they are designed for music listeners. When it comes to the volume, louder sounds are possible, but it is not recommended for the deterioration of the headset to be avoided.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

Product Dimensions: 8.9 x 6.9 x 2.9 inches
Frequency Response: 18 – 21000 Hz
Impedance; 24 ohms
Weight: 55 g
Cable Length: 1.4 m
SPL: 122 dB
Jack Plug; 3.5 mm stereo
Total Harmonic Distortions: under 0,5%
MSRP: $49.95

See the Amazon website for Sennheiser PMX 60

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