Phiaton PS 300 NC

Phiaton PS 300 NCGreat overall audio performances.

Phiaton PS 300 NC provides relatively good sound quality and represents a comfortable pair of headphones. They are light weighted and ensure a clear sound.

The headband is not easily adjustable. While this pair of headphones does well for lower volumes, distortions occur when listening at higher volumes.

Phiaton PS 300 NC makes a great pair of headphones for those who need reliable noise cancellation feature. However, they do not allow the listener to go for higher volumes. The materials used are of high quality, but the product can be considered as being good, not excellent.

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Phiaton PS 300 NC

Perfect noise isolation!

One of the first things that strike the listeners when first using Phiaton PS 300 NC is the fact that no high volume is allowed, as distortions will not allow them to properly enjoy their music. On the other hand, when the sound is kept at moderate levels, it is clear and of appreciable quality.

The headphones are very comfortable, so one forgets about wearing them as they are light and the padding of the ear cups does a great job. The rechargeable battery is located in the right ear cup, and the cords for the headphones go the same place.

Phiaton PS 300 NC headphones embody an acoustic impedance control system that enhances the sound on lower frequencies. In terms of accessories, the product comes with two rechargeable batteries and a detachable audio cable.

The bass levels are not a strong point for this model. Even if the bass can sound properly when the noise cancellation is off, this is not the same when it is turned on.

When it comes to the design, the headphones are light and compact, being great for travelers, but this is not really something special, as most of the similar products that come for similar costs have these characteristics. The cable length allows an increased level of mobility.

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Technical Info:

•    Cable length: 1.5 m
•    Battery life: 18 hrs
•    Sensitivity: 98 dB
•    Impedance: 32 ohm
•    Drivers: Studio Grade 40 mm Electrodynamic Drivers
•    MSRP: $299.00

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