DENON AH-NC732Advanced noise canceling technology.

The headphones work properly both with the noise canceling function on and off and perfectly isolate the exterior sound. Also, they come with a small case which is great for carrying them.


The product’s price is quite high when considering the price they cost in comparison with other similar headphones in terms of sound quality and comfort levels. Also, the headphones warm up quickly after three hours of usage.

Because the sound is clear and the noise canceling function seems to work perfectly, DENON AH-NC732 is recommendable to those listening to music in noisy environments. However, this pair of headphones is surely not one of the most comfortable one can buy, being quite difficult to be adjusted properly.

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Listen to your favorite music with efficient noise canceling feature.

The noise cancellation function of these headphones ensure up to 95% noise isolation. This is why many people use them during airplane travels or in other such situations, without even listening to music also. The feature works for 40 hours and the headphones work just fine when it is off.

The model is compatible with iPods and when it comes to the sound, the best setting to choose for a great sound is Classical EQ. The bass is slightly weak, but the overall audio quality is acceptable.

DENON AH-NC732 headphones are well built and include two black cords, and the jack is suitable for iPhone. Also, they come with a protection case and have a light weight so they’re great for travelers. While the headphones are not especially comfortable for everyone, they make a great choice for people wearing eyeglasses, due to their small ear cups.

The headphones are easy to use and include some other useful accessories besides the protection case. As the signal cable is detachable, one can use them when not listening to music and the adapter plug for airline is very helpful.

Where to Purchase:

Check Out the Headphone Store here and Amazon here

Technical Info:

•    Power: A single AAA battery
•    Impedance: 40 ohms
•    Signal cables: Detachable, 27.5-inch and 59-inch
•    Sensitivity: 105 dB
•    Noise canceling feature: over 95%
•    MSRP: $299.99

See the Amazon page for DENON AH-NC732

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