DENON AH-D2000 Headphones

DENON AH-D2000You’re living the good life; show it through your headphones!

Good tone and good representation of all tone ranges. Ear cups are very comfortable.

Shows a bit of a dip in the mid ranges of tone.  The headphones are slightly bulky.

Denon has come out with this headphone set to provide a good quality listening experience with the added comfort of wearing headphones with well-padded ear cups. With these headphones you can get a really well-defined sound.

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Sound quality that really defines what you are listening to.

Great imaging is one of the best features of the DENON AH-D2000 headphone set which uses micro fiber technology to give you the best possible audio quality as you listen to your music. The padded ear cups which cover your ears completely provide comfort while canceling out a large amount of external noise, even without any noise-canceling technology being installed on them.

The sound quality provided by the micro fiber is heavily emphasized upon by the manufacturer as it really takes a lead among the competition when it comes to providing a good quality listening experience. The bass is delivered with power, and the high trebles are not lost. The mid ranges are a bit less powerful than the two extreme ranges though. However, you will get a clearly defined sound with each instrument being clearly and separately audible through the headphones. The DENON AH-D2000 will amaze you by the openness of the sound provided although it is a closed headphone set.

The wire provided for the DENON AH-D2000 is quite long and you will never have a problem with mobility as long as you use it. At the end of the wire you will find a 3.5mm plug, and a 6.3mm screw-on adapter is provided along with the headphones.

Some users have complained that the leather cover of the ear cups can cause sweaty listening sessions at times, but generally the response to the comfortable ear cups has been extremely good, as well as the general response towards the headphones.

The DENON AH-D2000 is great to use at home. It can be put to great use as a set of DJ headphones as well thanks to superior audio quality.

Where to Purchase:

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Technical Info:

•    Standard Cable: 3ft
•    Impedance:25 ohm
•    Weight: 370g
•    Sensitivity: 106dB/mW
•    Largest input: 1,800mW
•    Playback frequency range: 5 – 45,000Hz
•    Included accessories: Adapter for 6.3mm audio jack
•    MSRP: $349.00

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